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Can Berktaş
Can Berktaş
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Aug. 16, 2016
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Nov. 18
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David Carlisle's bidding problem: T93 AKQT86 A97 A
any bid ok but not 3
Yusuf Sohtorik's bidding problem: KJ985 AJ8 AKJ7 7
I Think it's about my childhood... I was so poor and had no pocket money... Now when I have some money, I directly go to an auction and start biding :)
Jarek Langer's bidding problem: K9642 T AQJ98 95
9 bid 7NT! administration should do stg about the boys who rings the bell and runs away!
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: 9 QJ92 K8 AKJT52
If this is not a 4 hand then with which hand we will bid 4
Matthew Dyer's bidding problem: KJ AT987 A74 AQ8
Is it joke or real?
Can Berktaş's bidding problem: KJ7532 QT872 JT ---
Good hand looking for a penalty
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: 6532 AQ873 --- Q952
To my 3D bid If my partners 3H bid is low hand while 4h is a better hand with H support sure I will bid 3D.
Stuart King's bidding problem: KQT5 AT AKJT8 96
John, would you pull 2H to 2sp if you have 3c H and 4c sp?
Mike Cassel's bidding problem: KQT3 5 AJ654 A73
I Voted for 3nt, my partner knows when to raise it to 4H so no problem. Also 3H is not always 1 H looser
Yusuf Sohtorik's bidding problem: KJ985 AJ8 AKJ7 7
If we thing the smallest spade as a cl it will be a fine 1NT overcall! Why not?

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