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Bruce Rogoff
Bruce Rogoff
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Nov. 3, 2011
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about me

Love bridge, but don't get to play enough...hope to change that in the near future.  Also play serious tennis, and some golf as well: waiting for the IOC to institute the Country Club Triathlon.

Otherwise, I am a senior partner at Gargoyle Asset Management.  Married to the beautiful Victoria, with 2 kids still living at home (see photo for one of them).  The others are grown up (or think they are!).

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Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: A765 2 Q62 AK872
Kit, how did the auction proceed such that you and Kate didn't know what happened until dummy came down? I'm only asking as I think your case becomes stronger when you haven't seen dummy yet (which obviously made a potential lead more attractive). As I mentioned ...
Zelig Rubenstein's bidding problem: A7 AQ8 7 AKQ9873
It would be lovely to have a "3 Forcing" card in the bidding box, but I've yet to see one in my travels. The majority of "standard" players (and, I presume, Mr. Rubenstein), play 3 as non-forcing, and no red-blooded bridge player would be comfortable with that ...
Zelig Rubenstein's bidding problem: A7 AQ8 7 AKQ9873
That will happen occasionally, but I don't think there's a sensible alternative that doesn't commit you past 3NT, which is the most likely game, not to mention that this is matchpoints. Unless South has great 's he's likely to lead a , and why shouldn ...
Zelig Rubenstein's bidding problem: A7 AQ8 7 AKQ9873
2NT denies 5 's and is typically weak, so I just bid 3NT. At least we've right-sided the contract. If they lead and run 's in the face of my 2 bid, too bad.
Zelig Rubenstein's bidding problem: A7 AQ8 7 AKQ9873
Must create a force and 2 is cheapest and most sensible. Gives partner room to comfortably rebid a 5-card suit, and might deflect the lead should we end up in notrump.
Rich Regan's bidding problem: AT83 QJ8 KT4 J98
This is a 4x3 11 in 2nd seat unfavorable. Ok, you have good spots, so what? Even light openers might pass here, so why would a conservative bidder like yourself open?
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: A765 2 Q62 AK872
Would be nice to know the opps agreements if I compete here. Anyway I think 3 has merit for lead purposes, but too easy to go for a number against a part score they might not even make.
Every fifty years...
David, if you're envisioning A109xxx in partner's hand, you should definitely NOT play the king if declarer ducks in dummy. Declarer will surely take the jack and now you will have a link to partner's hand. There's no lie of the cards that require you to ...
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: A84 9 T987542 K6
Peg, you're a fine player and maybe all the others who didn't bid 4 should feel like doofuses. Max Shireson and I were the only 2NT bidders before Martin's post, so at least we're getting to 4 that way. Maybe you, Martin, Max and ...
Bernie Greenspan's bidding problem: AKT9 K9754 62 J8
I have nothing special to announce for offense or defense, so why should I act in front of partner, who could have anything from a good preemptive raise to a moose.

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