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What would you choose?
"See the discussion What is a ‘convention’? and its outcome." Since the majority vote was for: "Convention is any agreement, artificial or natural", I think that we need to be picking three more fundamental choices. So before we pick Stayman & Transfers (yes - they are ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
Michael Angelo Ravera: I can't comment on the EBU's Orange Book, since it is many years since that document was superseded. The Blue book - 4 B 1 (b) has "...a pass or bid must be alerted if it is natural but has a potentially unexpected meaning." In my ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
I open 12-14 throughout. I guess that under Christopher's scheme I would announce as weak in first or second chair but strong in third! :)
Gerry Gassman's bidding problem: A76 AKJ943 75 K4
Transfers are off if there is further competition.
Were EW damaged?
You can make the case that NS did not agree that 3 on this auction is a splinter. But the convention card implies that they have agreed splinters and does not mention that splinters do not apply in this auction so it seems more plausible that they did indeed ...
Were EW damaged?
They missed getting a ruling in their favour. N/S took improper advantage of UI to allow them to retrieve a bidding misunderstanding. It is debatable whether the "impossible top" arises from the litigation or the bidding misunderstanding.
Were EW damaged?
I guess that the use of the word damaged in the Poll is unhelpful - since it usually implies that the misinformation has damaged E/W. But as well as misinformation, there is Unauthorised Information from both the failure to alert and the hesitation. A better poll would be "Should the ...
Were EW damaged?
There are two sets of UI: the failure to alert and the hesitation before bidding 5. It is seems that passing 5 is not an option without the UI. Why wouldn't North take 5 as a cue-bid in support of ? Without a club control North ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
Mike, I am not aware of any requirement to disclose the purpose behind a bid. As stated, I choose to play a weak no trump and fully disclose this. I don't feel the need to disclose that one purpose behind our choice of NT range is that it is ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
Mike Ma: "upgrade should not be seat dependent. If someone claims it is good enough to upgrade 3rd seat, then it should be good enough for first seat also." Why should your criteria for upgrading / downgrading be the same as mine? I certainly use seating as one factor in considering ...
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