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Brian Bankler
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Nov. 23, 2010
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about me

I am a prolific board gamer (and have written reviews and ramblings for over a decade on my site) and returned to serious bridge a decade ago after a two decade hiatus. I study systems and conventions more than is healthy, and have a regular partnership playing Polish Club.

United States of America

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Have played multiple sessions without a revoke.
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Hank Eng, Tibor Roberts
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Fiesta Bridge Club of San Antonio
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Raptor, Brubotka
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2 diamond bid weak
I'm not sure what I'd do, but an "expert" partnership that doesn't have even a basic CC should not get any benefit of the doubt as to what their system is. So, therefore I'd rule that North mis-explained and -- with a correct explination East would pass ...
Arrest made in Barry Crane Murder Case
Not in the USA article, but the Wikipedia page on Crane is saying they have a confession.
Bright and Zeller Win Imp Pairs
I misread this as "Penn and Teller win the Imp Pairs." No offense to Mssrs. Bright and Zeller, but I was really excited by that.
A Double Standard?
This is exactly what I was going to say. (Leaving off the second paragraph's tone). If you'd asked during the auction LHO would say (in many more words) "undiscussed." Unless you want to say that it was discussed (which is whole 'nother kettle of worms), bad players made ...
Ethical or not?
This seems to me to be the same issue of "deliberate dumping" (DD) that the Bridge World often brings up. The rules of a tournament that mean you get a better result if you lose an intermediate match. In this case you are dumping a single board to improve your ...
What's your plan?
I went with the majority in the poll, but there was some discussion as to what an expert field (instead of the club field) would do. I agree that this looks like a 4=6 hand.
Aggressive or Hyperaggressive?
Assuming you meant N bid the X with the hand shown, this is way too aggressive. 1) The hand is too weak. 2) There is no pre-emptive value. If you did this over 1H or 1D you'd at least take away some bidding space. Here you've added some ...
Auction Whacking
Playing *this weekend* I heard the following two auctions by opponents (we're silent). 1-1;2-2;5-6 (This was not a success). And a very simple one I'd never heard, but at least make sense. 2 (Flannery) - 6
The Deep mind press release seems pretty specific that this algorithm mainly applies to full information, deterministic systems.
Computer Bridge: Realizing that a Layout Is Impossible
This article should be right up my wheelhouse (programmer with some knowledge but little practical experience with developing artificial opponents), but I gave up after several pages. It seems to me that you are trying to use a constraint programming framework to figure out the hidden cards. I imagine that ...

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