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Brett Kunin
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June 16, 2012
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about me

semi-retired attorney, living in northern New Jersey; Tournament Chair, NJ Bridge League (Unit 140)

United States of America

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Winning KO and Swiss in same NYC regional
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Shrine Bridge Center, Livingston, NJ
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Gold Life Master
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Challenges and concerns for the bridge community
John: I agree with your position. There was a recent article by Jeff Bayonne, entitled "Is bridge dying...", on which I commented about the Youth Bridge Program of Unit 140 (central NJ), which focuses its entire effort in that area to programs for elementary and middle school youngsters. You may ...
1NT or 1C
Daniel: I agree: at mp's, you need to "play with the field", whereas at imps, I would consider the hand just a bit too strong, as I want to be in game opposite most decent 8-counts.
Toronto Youth NABC Video
TY for the post, Chris. Our Unit was very proud to send the U.S.'s second largest contingent, 19 kids (exceeded only by the Silicon Valley unit) to the Toronto NABC.
Is Bridge "Dying" or are the demographics simply changing?
Chris: although we have a video of the trip of the 19 kids that a 501c(3) corp sponsored to send them, and chaperones, to the Toronto national(which I can get Barbara Clark to tell you its location on YouTube, if you want), what we do in 140 with ...
Is Bridge "Dying" or are the demographics simply changing?
Peg: Things are far different from the time when you and I were in college. Unfortunately, very few colleges have a bridge program, and even in those that do, only a few players (i.e., those taught bridge by their parents) participate. Also, we must recognize that we are in ...
Is Bridge "Dying" or are the demographics simply changing?
Jeff--2 points to make. Demographics are REALLY scary. The median age in the ACBL is 77 yrs old !! (It is really sad at my club when I am one of the 2-3 youngest players in the room at 70.) As I have advised you in the past, I have "batted ...
Mathematically, when should you make a game try (and which one)?
Steve: Expanding the LTC concept a little more, I will not make a G/T without a GOOD 6-loser hand. You can increase the reasonableness of a G/T by using a little more science. (I use Kokish tries, which show either a short suit OR ask partner to bid ...
Suit Quality for 1C-1S-4C (forcing Spade raise)
Len: I chose not to vote, as not only do I agree with Craig, but partnership style has a great deal to do with a response. As an analogy, after 1M-2nt (forcing raise), I am inclined NOT to bid 4m with all of my points in the 2 suits (say ...
After 2!h double negative to 2!c
Paul: Good question -- I noticed that Georgiana has NOT responded. I happen to like a 2h dbl neg to Kokish (as originally devised by Eric), which I play with my best partnerships. We play it denies a 1/2 trick (i.e., no King, or no hand with QJx and ...
Slow double - should I pull anyway?
I think the problem here is that partner did not have his x, since an invitational heart hand could include a multitude of hand types, and partner had a poor opening hand. "In the old days" (perhaps 15-20 yrs ago), slow doubles (at a national level) were often ruled by ...

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