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Brad Craig
Brad Craig
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Basic Information

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Oct. 24, 2015
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23 hours ago
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Player for 40 years. Work and other interests (golf, tennis, poker, and recently pickleball) have curtailed my play, and I wish I had the chance to play more. I do teach 'intermediate' bridge regularly. It might be apt to describe myself as more 'student of the game'. One immutable fact about bridge I have learned - bridge teaches about life.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the second competitive bridge game I ever played in after finishing dead last in the first one
Bridge Accomplishments
2000 masterpoints, but more important to me is the thanks of my students.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
Tampa/Bradenton regionals (although I live in the US Mid-Atlantic)
Favorite Conventions
to be honest, it depends on the weather. And my golf game.
BBO Username
jodepp, although I'm not there much
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What should the selectors do?
Eliminate politics whenever possible
Bad Habits of Intermediates
1) Rebidding 5-baggers routinely. 2) Ignoring vulnerability. 3) Blackwood with inappropriate hands. 4) "I don't play reverses." 5) Jumping in the middle of very live auctions. 6) 'Buy low, sell high." (This refers to the failure to raise a preempt or blocking bid when it's right. This is ...
Warning: Viewer Discretion
I'm not going to criticize West original Pass, as opening this is an 'eye of the beholder' issue. West thought it was too soft and chose to Pass. I'm also not going to criticize East's 1, as East is 'taking a shot'. Sometimes one just hits ...
Would you roll this back?
If the Double was gratuitously explained as 5-7 any, roll it back. If the Double went by without a question during the auction, let the result stand. South is allowed to guess right. If the Double was explained after an inquiry, my totally subjective opinion is information gleaned from a ...
Multi went for -1100. Worst bid?
Well, one could say that this is what practice matches are for.
Another BIT
Last night, my partner produced a 'tank' in a similar situation. I opened 1 on: KJ1076 AK6 1082 72. LHO jumped to 3 (preemptive) and partner tanked, emerging with Double (negative). This thread came to mind with the same subtheme - partner has 'good values + awkward hand'. That gave ...
Andrew Sinclair's bidding problem: --- AT76432 QT96 62
I don't see how I can assume anything about what partner is looking at.
Mike Summers-Smith's bidding problem: AQJx xxxxx xx KJ
While preferring 1 to 1, I wouldn't quibble with Double.
David Parsons's bidding problem: J2 K975 AT9 QJ98
'Gilding the lily' comes to mind.
David Parsons's bidding problem: AT63 3 Q653 7654
I just don't see how I can expect to do well on this board (long term) if I choose to defend 1.

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