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Bob Sebesfi
Bob Sebesfi
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Aug. 29, 2015
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player

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John Dory
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
2NT Opening Agreements
Neat ! :p
Too much information?
Highly ethical Applaud the alert
Do you want to be in this slam?
Depends on oppos. , state of the match , and other considerations ... Good problem , though :)
Range for Responder’s Splinter
Ren ! Most everybody requires 4-card suppoert to splinter , surely ?
Defining a "Good Suit"
okay , that works . We play that 2Any ( incl. 2NT ) is xfer in these auctions :)
Range for Responder’s Splinter
Other, but (1) is closest Don't splinter with stiff A or K or Q Stiff J = 0 hcp 1S - 4any is 9-11 or 18+ ( example (3) promotes to 18+ ) 1S - 3NT ( likewise 1H - 3S ) is unspecified splinter 12-14 1S - Jacoby - splinter-identifying-rebid - is 15-17
Defining a "Good Suit"
Steve , it's the same problem with transfers ; don't you ascribe a meaning to 1C-1H(*spades)-1NT(no fit)-3any ?
Defining a "Good Suit"
Sorry , Mike , I don't recall opening 1X EVER with your first example .....
Fewest HCP for game bid and made?
Isn't this an example of what Bob Hamman called "The Soweto whorehouse " ? ( thirteen black tricks )
Opponment writes 100 for his own score.
I thought EAST wrote the +100 ? In any case , he may have miscounted his tricks ( most likely ) , or mistaken the vulnerability . I believe Director has exceeded his jurisdiction ,unless East was a notorious "Charlie the Chimp" , in which case a PP seems more appropriate edited to place the second comma ...

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