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Bob Heitzman
Bob Heitzman
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Sept. 17, 2010
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Bridge Player
about me

Actuary; avid interests in bidding theory and professional basketball; teaching the games to 5 grandsons, ages 3-9.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
A sectional swiss ten+ years ago where my team tied for first with a team that included several world class players; my partner was my daughter, Carla, and my teammates were my wife, Helen and our friend Alex Perlin.
Bridge Accomplishments
100+ sectional and regional wins; 2 seconds in NABC+ events
Regular Bridge Partners
Alex Perlin, James Sundstrom, Mike Prahin, Alex Allen, Jeff Morgan
Member of Bridge Club(s)
(the original) Cavendish in NYC
Favorite Tournaments
Nationals; my favorite site is Wash DC; second favorite is New Orleans except the food is too good to play bridge well
Favorite Conventions
Drury Doubles; Ultra Hi Def
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ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: J7xxx Qx AJ8xxx ---
Qx of hearts is actually a good holding in case we end up on defense. Haven't you read Zia's book?
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
I am a big fan of Bobby's and usually read his posts if i have time. Does he think the Cars had pre-arranged signalling?
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
I agree with the sentiment but imo a lifetime ban is only appropriate in cases of pre-meditated collusive cheating. It is not clear to me that what the Cars did was pre-meditated. Arguably they were just an unpopular pair who had a spontaneous at-the-table ethical lapse, albeit a very egregious ...
What constitutes a 3 card spade raise after 1H-1S?
I play 1-1-2 as a relay to 2. If I then rebid 2, I am showing a 3-5-1-4 minimum-range hand. The problem with doing this in standard bidding is that you risk 2 being passed. Since the sequence is so descriptive, I would always ...
Is this a weak two bid?
Although I would always open this with a weak 2 in second seat red, my concern would not be lack of playing strength. It would be that with a good fit partner might not visualize this much playing strength. E.g., with Kx of hearts, AQ of diamonds and an ...
Are these weak 2-bids?
If you switch the suits, and assuming the 13th card is a low diamond, I would consider opening the first one with a weak 2. 5 small is a bit rich for even me. As for the second one, to me it looks like the most normal weak two bid ...
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: 86 64 AKQJ96 KJ7
There's something about seven solid in a minor that makes me want to bid 3N, especially at mps. Lefty didn't overcall 1, perhaps he'll avoid a heart lead from an anemic 4-card holding as is the fashion nowadays.
Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: KQJ73 K87 963 J9
I would either double or pass. At mps, I might need to double to protect my equity if 3 is rolling. However, I lack sure defensive tricks so double is very dicey. Besides at these colors, double may only turn +50 into +100, which may be very similar matchpoint ...
Definition of a penalty double
In this situation, the word "penalty" implies some kind of trump stack. If you expect to beat it purely based on power, the word "optional" is more appropriate--meaning "I think it's our hand, but I'm not sure what our best strain is." "Takeout" would be appropriate if the ...
Special Bridge Rate
The latter, of course. I wouldn't lie! Also, by the way, IBM was an actuarial client on several occasions over the years. I once spent a week in Paris with one of their executives helping him design a global compensation plan. I don't actually know what was technically ...

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