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Bill Segraves
Bill Segraves
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June 16, 2019
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about me

Long-time student of the game. Slowly returning to active play and giving back.

Regular pards and I are always looking for the strongest competition we can find.

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Fly or Duck, Back One Trick
East had A64 T4 J984 Q932. As long as West doesn't continue with non-Ace (or, obviously Q), the hand can no longer be made.
Fly or Duck, Back One Trick
As Oren details, ducking clearly the right play, down 1 with best play and defense. C'est la vie. xx, Qxxx in the box, and A right.
Bill Segraves's lead problem: Q9764 Q3 73 8743
Nothing was going to beat the actual slam, but my pard was surprised by my choice of lead. I ran a 1000 board sim to see what works best against 6-7 diamonds strong opposite balanced 12-14. Here are the beats: Low spade - 118 Heart (either!) - 144 Diamond (either) - 115 Club ...
Second Round Finesse of Ace or Jack
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the answer is that any A from Ax frequency equal to or less than 1/3 of the time suffices to protect the defense's interests, when this suit alone is considered. That includes never ducking Ax. Considering only ...
Bill Segraves's bidding problem: QJT82 QT842 9 Q7
Thanks to all who responded. At the table, 1NT was not a success. Pard had Kx, J9, KQxxx, Txxx. With best defense, either major is off 2 doubled for 500 while the opps can only make 2NT. I'd be interested hear how the doublers would see the auction unfolding ...
Fly or Duck, Back One Trick
Almost everyone is ducking, and that will usually be the only making play when hearts are Ax offside, but what about the rest of the possible layouts? If we duck and it's not Ax offside, then 3 heart losers are assured to go with the spade A, so we ...
Bill Segraves's bidding problem: QJT82 QT842 9 Q7
Ackkk! I got the vulnerability backwards! Corrected now and I'll message the few people who already replied. (It was when you mentioned 2NT that I realized I had the vul wrong.)
Fly or Duck
Everything in tempo by declarer and defenders.
Cheating on BBO
"JoAnn, isn't whatever experience tells us limited to those pairs who have been caught?" Somewhere, the Reverend Bayes is smiling. The rest of us, maybe not so much.
Second Round Finesse of Ace or Jack
Something important happens when defender bot plays the ace from Ax one third of the time. If defender bot plays ace with any frequency more often than that, declarer bot will improve its odds by hooking the J on the next round. That brings us to what I think is ...

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