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Bill March
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Feb. 22, 2012
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St George's,Darlington
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Jacek Sikora's bidding problem: ATx AKTxx x AQxx
I do - pass.
Two Little
Barry - an eternity ago I was playing against you in the Tollemache(this may have been the same occasion when you impressed me by offering up what you thought was the best defence to the Roman 2C that you were playing). Any way I had a suit of 87x opp ...
ATB - Bidding after Unusual 2NT
I play split and regard this as an obvious 1H overcall(though my partner wouldn't!)
Two Little
Perhaps he thought his lho would (should) play an honour from H10x.....
Meaning of 4!c call
This is where the issue of the 'other' agreements comes into it. If I was one of those that support the idea of a high reverse not showing extra values then I think there'd be a lot of merit in the 15-17 option.
Another year,another forcing pass calamity.
FWIW the only slow(very) bid was the 2S opener!
Another year,another forcing pass calamity.
There is merit in what you're saying(and it certainly pertains to the 'real life' hand) but the question 'since you're a stranger can I just check how good you are?' is sadly not yet permitted!
Another year,another forcing pass calamity.
In the Bridge World MSC the experts queue up to see who can be most wrong with the statement ‘should be unaminous’.
Best use of 2!d opening in a big club system
Colin - you've no idea of my thoughts on the convention, I'm explaining as best I can why it's not as 'straightforward' as defending a multi. Most jurisdictions 'brown sticker' weak bids that neither show nor deny the suit opened.
A New Blue Ribbon Pair, II
I don't want to slow the game by asking about everything so I agree there has to be a 'std'.I also agree that you can't put everything on a convention card,but pairs can be more forthcoming about the stuff which is on their card. If 2C ...

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