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Feb. 22, 2012
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Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
I’ve certainly NOT done any analysis but as someone who has read every appeal in the case books my impression was that ‘name’ players get the majority of the verdicts - now the better players are more aware that there is scope for an appeal and in general they will ...
The Levin-Grue auction
Thanks - it seems I can now add blindness to deafness!
The Levin-Grue auction
What happened to the post on the appeal?
Peter Gill's lead problem: A72 842 Q965 865
No,the lead is assuming that declarer has only 8 tricks if we defend passively which is not the same thing. Where is the 3H bid that partner didn’t double?
Bill March's bidding problem: KJ4 98 KJ985 K54
Well what I think(though the player himself can confirm) is that he was helping his partner in anticipation of 5S over 5H. However opener was on a different wavelength re lead direction/length and thought (wrongly) that with only 5 hearts and 4 clubs it was a better spot ...
Bill March's lead problem: KJ4 98 KJ985 K54
I’ll be publishing an article later re aspects of this hand - certainly my first thoughts were as to what spade I should lead.
What is the best Grosvenor Gambit you've seen?
Declarer (on my left) was in 6C,my trumps were Q10x, dummy had Kxx. I’d like to say this was a deliberate Grosvenor with declarer leading a low club to partners J dummy’s K and my 10 but no, the lead was in dummy and the King cashed ...
In the Well: Mikael and Ola Rimstedt
Richard - I remember an impressive hand (from a bidding competition)by the Sharples that was reported many years later. Opener has a 2434 18 count and responder a 4432 13 count - the heart suit being being something like Jxxx opp 109xx. Their simple auction (following the principle of not bidding ...
ATB - missed slam
Ken/Nikos - my apologies, I know my percentages but had an aberration and was thinking of a 4 - 0 split. I would have been better off making the general point that people often talk about 50/50 slams and not considering the small(but not insignificant ) chance of a very ...
ATB - missed game
Nigel Kearny has said most of it but since there are still very confused postings I'll have a go. Acol has many weaknesses but this hand isn't one of them. If playing 12-14 NT then 2C is the system bid as is a 2H rebid by South(though ...

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