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Bill March
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Feb. 22, 2012
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St George's,Darlington
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Assess the blame (15)
Richard - you appeared to agree with Gary that a jump to game opposite an unlimited hand was crazy yet now say it can be OK if showing a specific hand type!(as I do).
Please Rank your Top 3 Favorite systems played by you
Agree, I have reluctantly answered based on the options given but don’t agree with the options as presented.
Assess the blame (15)
I agree that in a sequence such as 1S 2C 2H then 4H is best used as a picture bid , but I don’t accept that after say 1H 2NT (if 2NT denies a shortage)that 4H should not exist. If eg showing a balanced minimum then let’s get ...
Assess the blame (15)
Gary - for those of us schooled in ‘fast arrival’ then the weakest support bid is 4H. 3H as opposed to cue bidding gives partner the chance to pattern out.
Bill March's bidding problem: AJ9xx K9xx x KJx
Probably should have made that as a separate comment - the normal assumption would be that there will be 17 total tricks(9 S 8H) so that there is little to be gained by sacrificing. As it is there are 9 tricks in hearts and 8 in spades. Though I personally ...
Bill March's bidding problem: AJ9xx K9xx x KJx
My personal view is that this is the kind of ‘problem’ that has been made redundant by the law of total tricks(which on this particular hand works perfectly)
1!C - 1!H - rebid??
Playing 5/4 either way is just as much a problem in a strong club as std,I saw Hamman/Solaway have the exact problem in a match v the Italians and play in a 4- 2 fit. There is no ‘solution’. My own preference is to open 1C and ...
Help withMichaels Auctions
Ian - to quote(yet again) my favourite observation that was made on ‘contiguous michaels’. ‘You guess what to do then partner guesses whether you’ve guessed right’.
Help withMichaels Auctions
If playing the now out of fashion split range(which I still prefer) then this looks an obvious 2C bid and an equally obvious 2H response.
Who should Bid
David - on that basis are you advocating a 1NT opener with the same strength and a 4135 shape?

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