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Feb. 22, 2012
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2nd round dbl by advancer
Yu, the reason I voted for takeout rather than penalty is because I think that partner can have shapes that you believe to be excluded in theory - might be worth a poll to see how many would bid 2C with 5C and 4H,not many I think given the popularity ...
2nd round dbl by advancer
I think the likeliest scenario at the table is that the 1H bidder(who is not a strong player)has responded up the line with 4/4 in the majors rather than make the 'expert' 1S response.
Worst bids ever? Best bids ever?
As a counterpoint to the 3rd hand - playing in the last round of the Crockfords final(against the winners) many years ago I opened 1D, the bidding proceeded pass 1H pass 2C double all out. This was minus 980 the hard way. This post mortem was also 'lively' as lho ...
What directors might not know
You may be interested in the story that Peter Fordham tells in this thread...'just bridge'
What directors might not know
I would raise a separate issue that has nothing to do with the hesitation and UI associated with it. It seems to me that some pairs have an undisclosed 'agreement' that (absent a massive fit)they don't bid(or look for)a game over a strong NT. So they ...
Cell Phone Penalty
'But you try and tell the young people today that ... and they won't believe ya.' Just how did we survive without mobiles?
Where did you learn to play bridge?
Also from book - Hubert Phillips 'Pan book of card games'
All the aces
I think LHO unlikely to have a singleton club so would delay the discard. Spade ace and ruff,club to Ace and spade ruff then another club to king(unless rho ruffs)then ruff spade and discard club on the Heart.
Why are there multiple posts about the exact same topic?
You may as well ask why so many on the site(I include myself) repeat themselves
A "Taxing" Question
I can understand not agreeing with the suggestion(as those that have answered have done) but why is that a reason not to ask the question?

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