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Feb. 22, 2012
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St George's,Darlington,UK
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Double in this Auction means?
Though one hand proves nothing the only time I ever had this sequence it enabled us to play in the only making game of 4S on a a 5/2 fit
Precision 1D Followups
Oren - that’s all true, which is precisely why my first post up thread said we didn’t know enough about the structure being played.
Precision 1D Followups
Well,if It’s pairs and you miss a 4/4 H fit....
Precision 1D Followups
Need to know whether 2C was GF, also whether it can have a 4 card major.
Bill March's bidding problem: Q 84 A65 AKQ9862
I agree with most of this - it’s not so much about partner having defensive values but rather where they are.
Lost Power of Double!
A partner and I when students sometimes played a system we called ‘supernatural’ - no conventions, no cue bids, no take out doubles(at any level). On one hand my lho opened 3H , partner doubled( in those days you alerted t/o doubles of pre empts so I didn’t alert ...
Bridge Periodicals
David Burn’s ‘ Great Bridge Disasters’ which has been running in the EBU magazine has been consistently excellent.
Anthony Pettengell's lead problem: J872 842 T5 AQ97
O for the certainties of yesteryear. Up until a few years ago I’d have led a spade and lost no sleep about it, now I often find myself in a dither. The Bird / Anthias book I found quite compelling re not leading 4 card suits though the double dummy ...
Ian Grant's bidding problem: 9754 J532 9 J654
I was referring to the OP - a couple of years ago in the Tolle at red I had a 4045 one or two count in 2nd seat and after pass pass 4H my partner thought for a long time and passed , I also ‘knew’ what they had, except when dummy ...
Ian Grant's bidding problem: 9754 J532 9 J654
I think we’ve established that pass is a ‘logical alternative’!

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