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The Longest Consecutive Chain of Bids Ever?
Longer. The auction was: 1C 1D 1H 1S 1NT 2C 2D 2H 2S 2NT 3C 3D 3H 3S 3NT 4C 4D 4S 4NT 6NT Which was the garden spot. The relayer was able to describe his partner's exact distribution and exact honor holdings.
Has bidding to the 8+ level ever been considered in bridge?
Here is hand where Bobby Wolff sacrificed at the 8 level (granted it was largely a joke, and the conditions of contest were somewhat irregular)-
Critique this auction
I think that you are confusing the actual auction with auctions that begin 1S-P-1NT, or 1S-P-2C. In such auctions, Edgar Kaplan, among others, advocated bidding spades-spades-hearts with minumum range hands, and spades-hearts-spades with extra strength hands. The modern tendency, however, seem to be to rebid hearts with 6-4 hands regardless ...
Advancer’s positive transfers
So much for my memory. After digging through my old Bridge Worlds to finally find the article, "S "wasn't for Stern after all, it was for Brian Senior. Rigal wrote the article, (STAID Bidding) based on the book "The Transfer Principle" by Brian Senior. Rigal suggested several modifications to ...
Advancer’s positive transfers
I think you will find that the "S" in the STAID abbreviation is for "Stern", not for "systemic", and that the system was attributed to Roger Stern, not Barry Rigal.
No, actually it is not both. By definition, a reverse must be a non-jump bid. A jump shift is a game force, a reverse is a one round force. OP's description of 2NT as showing a weakish hand is a non-mainstream treatment. After a jump shift, if responder does ...
Actually, 2S is a jump shift, not a reverse.
Clean up the Graffiti
"The laws define correct procedure. Correct procedure in calling for a card from dummy is defined in Law 46A: “When calling a card to be played from dummy, declarer should clearly state both the suit and the rank of the desired card.” Failure to do what the laws say one ...
Bridge in popular culture and literature
Not to mention the fact that Helen Sobel appeared in the movie (as a chorus girl, if memory serves), though she was Helen Smith at that time. Harpo was an avid player, and came up with one of my favorite lines: "If you like my lead, don't bother to ...
Bridge in popular culture and literature
Maugham was an avid bridge player. He was quoted as telling a friend who said he didn't play bridge "what a dreary old age you have reserved for yourself."

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