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Bernard Yomtov
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Nov. 29, 2010
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How Bad Is This Line of Play?
That looks like the straightforward play. Seems best to me.
Carl Mathiesen's bidding problem: Q8 AT64 KT63 T75
Nikos, My thoinking is that if partner has hearts he can simply bid them, or even try 3 followed by a heart bid. But he has no other way to show a strong - two-suiter. It would be nice, sometimes, if 4 were a splinter in support ...
Carl Mathiesen's bidding problem: Q8 AT64 KT63 T75
My slam try is 6D. Could partner hold KJ10xxx x AQJxx x? If so, I guess I should try 4N to be safe.
Master as a racist term
"I'm from Detroit. You're from Detroit. And here we are talking to Nathan Detroit" Great!!
6S DD-problem
I think you're getting dummy and declarer mixed up in there somewhere.
6S DD-problem
Why not win the lead in hand and play ace and a heart? South has to play another trump, else there are twelve tricks on a cross-ruff. Cash K, ruff a heart. Now AQ, throwing small clubs from dummy, club to the ace and ruff another heart. Now dummy is ...
The Kibs Are Not Alright
" the winners of two domestic leagues. " You overlook Toronto. More broadly, while the 29 non-Canadian teams are all headquartered in the US, many of the players come from other countries, especially Central and South America, the Caribbean, and some Asian countries, notably Korea and Japan.
What signal here?
If it's simply attitude, which I think it is, then it seems to me that the club shift is the better bet. North is more likely to hold AK (two specific cards) than AQJ (three cards). Also, if East has three diamonds it may be necessary to establish clubs ...
"North could have "signed off" by passing 2♦." You're right of course, Richard. I overlooked that. Thanks. Since 3 was invitational then I think South has to insist on game. The auction helps South's hand quite a bit. Four hearts opposite - is that implied? - is nice, as ...
It's hard to answer without knowing more about the partnership agreements. Did 3 show any values or was North merely signing off?

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