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Benoit Lessard
Benoit Lessard
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Dec. 3, 2011
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about me

Love all games, I really mean all of them, go,shogi,poker,french tarot, wargames, computer games etc

"I mean, Gus and I never see eye-to-eye on work stuff.For instance, he doesn't like being used as a human shield when we're being shot at.I happen to think it's a very noble way to meet one's maker, especially for a guy like him.Bottom line is we never let that difference of opinion interfere with anything."


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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time Ive really understood how complex the bidding phase can be, at that point it was clear to me that bridge was going to be a great game.
Favorite Conventions
transfers all the way baby
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Dollars, Chance, and Skill
Variance always decrease as sample size increase, so obviously when we are comparing one format to another we assume the same sample size. Discussions about 64 teams in a 5 days event VS 16 teams in a one day event is pointless.
Dollars, Chance, and Skill
False, knock out are always the highest variance format to sort players. Assuming you have 7200 teams and you want to maximize the odds that the winner is at least of of the 10 best teams almost any format is better than a KO format, there is a lot of ...
ATB - missed grand
weill if south is bidding 4Nt its because he think the fit is agreed. Assuming 3H could be bid with only 2 than south shouldnt jump to 4Nt with Kxxxx. Also possible is to check for the and bid 7C. If partner got only AQ than maybe hes ...
BW Site Improvements
test [color=#EDEDED] #EDEDED is perfect
BW Site Improvements
test [color=snow] test color with number didnt work (like grey54) work but there is something called svg wich i didnt know. test [color=gainsboro] test
BW Site Improvements
gainsboro, ghostwhite are close but...
Dollars, Chance, and Skill
Unless there is a huge amount of wins, counting wins without counting losses in poker, in tournament of any game is as reliable as masterpoints in bridge.
Experiment for master thesis
"If the sponsor withdraws support when the organization did not inspect, the NE is that athletes play fair and organizations inspect and sponsors only continue sponsorship after inspection in which was found that the athlete played fair. This NE is not subgame perfect." If the athlete cheat, the organization doenst ...
Should District 9 have resigned?
In chess at low amateur level some players never resign they say if i made a mistake bad enough to be in this hopeless position than surely my opponent is capable to make an equivalent mistake to get me back in the game. However when they are knowned to never ...
What you think is the best agreement for this sequence?
Repeating myself... standard methods do poorly over 3C/3D since they don't use 4m bid in an efficient matter. I don't know whats best but maybe something like 4C= or both majors or S not slammish. 4D= D+4M forcing. 4H = natural may or may not be ...

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