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June 22, 2011
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World International Master. Australia open team 1994, 1998, 2013, 2016


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I still don't get this whole ethics thing
Off the ethics topic, but I don't get the 2 bid. Partner can be better than this, and (hopefully) can't be much worse. First swap partner's black suits per your methods (to Jxxx KJxxx Kxx x). 3 is a strong favourite to make, and I ...
Gold Cup final stages - controversial end to semi-final
On methods sometimes being more or less suited to the hands - that is the choice you make when you set your system. If you choose a system that is "slow" (eg complex or unmemorable or poorly defined) then you have imposed that slowness on yourself - and the rest of the ...
Double? Which double?
I think declarer would have a choice between: a) play Michael for the sole guard (ie QJ10x) - win K, cash KA, run the 's squeezing Michael in the majors; or b) play Michael for 2 honours - win K, cash AK (can do this later), run the ...
Double? Which double?
Yes, Michael did start with Q. He bid too - overcalling the 1 opening with 2 to show both majors; when that got doubled, Rose bid 2 which no doubt helped Michael find the good lead and subsequent defence.
ATB -- Stoopid Doubled Part Score
If only there were more than 100% blame available. East's bidding is A-grade mad, bad and dangerous but West could have pulled it out of the fire. 2 and a fraction defensive tricks (that holding is unlikely to score) opposite a "constructive" hand says 2 is a ...
Strategy at Swiss Teams (20VP scale) vs. IMP Pairs?
I think your friend has it pretty much the wrong way round. IMP Pairs, which we play far too much of around here, is basically a positive score test. That is, you can very often judge how well you've done in a match just by how many positive scores ...
USA2 Wins Bermuda Bowl
Congratulations to both teams on a terrifically tense match, and of course an extra helping of congratulations to the marvellous USA2 team. Very much looking forward to finding out what Jan Martel's victory tattoo will be :)
Bowling Along 8 - Slip Sliding Away
Sure, but you've got to balance 4-1, 4-1 (and pickable uppable), North being 22 in the blacks (where pitching if South has Qxx is the play). Then factor in South's defensive choice, how happy he was about his choice, your position, etc etc. I think declarer ...
Bowling Along 8 - Slip Sliding Away
Clubs 4-1 is a bit of a problem
Bowling Along 8 - Slip Sliding Away
Thanks David. I was aiming to "lift the curtain" for all the players who have never experienced a world championship. I'm glad it also appealed to someone who's regularly in the mix at them.

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