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June 22, 2011
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World International Master. Australia open team 1994, 1998, 2013, 2016

WBF Executive Council 2018-


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Transfers after intervention
Yep. The first time we played this I picked up AQ109 in ... and another 4 small ones. So it went 1H (X) insta-pass from me [alerted, asked and explained]. Lefty promptly trotted out 4H, passed back to me for the straightforward 4. Everyone else had managed that a ...
Transfers after intervention
I play a mad but entertaining scheme with my brother. After 1m - (X/1red) we play: P/1H = transfer (to the next suit up) 1S = the usual no major feels a need to bid hand X/XX = I wish I could have just passed
2 Day Trials Format
Kit, yes it's all some sort of VP scale but I don't see "smoothness" as desirable. Any even vaguely sensible VP scale has a blowout cutoff - ie at some point the next IMP doesn't count at all. I see the 2nd IMP counting less than the 1st ...
2 Day Trials Format
What Kit said, but I wouldn't convert the round-robin results to VPs. Make every IMP count - so straight IMPs but have (different) winning & losing cutoffs for every match to limit ridiculous blowouts. Or play speedball.
How would you rule?
Polling what you do with the right explanation would be part of the TD's job too, but the question of what you do with the wrong one is definitely relevant. If 4 is not ... for want of a better phrase ... a logical alternative, then North has just made ...
How would you rule?
Not to dash the spirit of bonhomie and whatnot but "if and I agree on something, we're right" is not a given :) And to clarify, I thought and think it's possible North MIGHT have been trying it on (which can be enough under the Laws to say "no ...
How would you rule?
Well, David has consistently pointed the way - we weren't at the table. Maybe West flinched slightly at the alert/explanation. Maybe North had played against EW before and knew/thought they played weak jumps. Just the explanation itself strikes me as unlikely (you see a lot of "weak" or ...
How would you rule?
Interestingly, the first choice of 2 of the 4 players I polled was none other than Exclusion KC. They recognised the risks but judged the chance of uncovering gold to be worth it. 3 of the 4, on one of their subsequent attempts, simply chose 6S as their bid. Everyone ...
How would you rule?
David, I'm saying several separate things. On this particular North hand I'm saying the 4 bid was so bad (for what I have understood the class of player to be) that no adjustment is warranted. More broadly, the double shot is alive and well and a blight ...
How would you rule?
Heh, very droll. But if you state your assumptions, of course you can make some judgments and give a "ruling". Otherwise every BW article on a UI/MI/Law problem involving judgment can just have an auto-posted single comment "No-one was there so no-one can try judging the situation. This ...

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