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Barry Rogoff
Barry Rogoff
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June 10, 2012
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Oct. 19
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm the Pianola server manager for the New Hampshire Bridge Association and a former member of the NHBA and EMBA Board of Directors. I also write about and teach bridge. My first job out of college was on the ACBL Bulletin staff but I was too young and stupid to keep the job. My career was in software development. I used to write a column for the Nashua, NH Sunday Telegraph.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating the world champions in the New England Knockouts.
Bridge Accomplishments
Two open regionals back when winning a regional event meant something. More sectionals and flighted or bracketed regional events than I can remember.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Tom Cheetham Club, Nashua, NH
Favorite Conventions
Light takeouts. A direct 1NT overcall is an 8-13 HCP takeout with two or three spades. A direct cue-bid over 1C, 1D, or 1H is an 8-13 HCP takeout with four or five spades. Double is 14+ HCP and can be offshape.
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Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Bridge and Advertising
"Fast paced" is hardly truth in advertising. If you watch the play the top levels it can seem like an eternity before someone makes a call or plays a card. Even the pace of play at a club game can seem extremely slow compared to other kinds of games.
Apportion the Blame
If you rebid 2NT and you don't get a chance to show your extra length in hearts, it probably doesn't matter because it's the wrong strain. Rebidding 3 conceals your side stoppers, uses up too much bidding space, and forces partner into an awkward situation that ...
Apportion the Blame
I can't believe how many people want to deny responder the chance to show a real spade-diamond two-suiter. If you can't handle this type of auction don't play advanced cue bids.
Checkback off by passed hand?
No one will ever convince me that rebidding 1NT with a stiff in partner's suit is good bridge, except in a few exceptional cases. There's a big difference between how you, as responder, evaluate Axxxx vs. AJ109x when you know you can lead the suit at least twice.
Checkback off by passed hand?
It makes some sense to play 2 as checkback at matchpoints, but obviously not 2. It depends on how light you open in first and second and whether or not you'd rebid 1NT with a stiff spade. If don't open flat 10- and 11-counts and you ...
Forcing or not?
Unless you have an agreement you must treat a new suit as forcing. This is a very different auction from 1-1-1NT-2 which can be played either way.
Apportion the Blame
I'd rebid 2NT over 1. It's descriptive, keeps all the options open and doesn't force partner into an awkward position where a bid like 4 is ostensibly natural but can be an advanced cue bid in hearts. Partner knows I would never bid 2NT with ...
Do Sandwich No Trump bids need to be alerted
Alertable or not it's foolish not to ask.
ATB, or is bridge just too tough?
One of the players I highly respect once said to me, "sometimes you just have to take out the Pass card" and I've found it to be good advice. North, looking at nine HCP, knows that something is off because there are so many points out but those situations ...
1!c-(1!d)-1M promises four or more in the bid major, right?
How well do you think the hand will play if you get tapped?

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