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Barry Rigal
Barry Rigal
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Aug. 17, 2010
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6 hours ago
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Barry Rigal Glenn Milgrim
15-17 NT; Short club plus transfer responses. 2/1 GF bar 'rebid'
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Barry Rigal Glenn Milgrim 2014
15-17 NT; Short club plus transfer responses. 2/1 GF bar 'rebid'
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considerably worse than trivial
I think we all failed to work this one out David.
Please attribute the quote
Yes indeed I know you CAN locate it via Google; more fun not to though.
How do you play this slam?
I'm hoping it is which card West wins the first trick with from Q10xx.
How Likely to Make?
The question of whether you can reasonably expect to make a minor suit slam if you could enlist partner's cooperation as opposed to make slam if playing 'one bid' would also be of interest. I'd guess 55-70% likely to make one or the other slam.
How do you play this slam?
Just to spell this out, you are taking the intrafinesse against East to pick up Hx in East? If East splits the honors on the first round from QJx or J10x you may change your approach and cash the two top diamonds?
considerably worse than trivial
This is an early example in Bridge with the Menagerie as well IIRC for the Hog.
A defensive problem
Good point; likely balanced but not guaranteed.
Unblocking play
I think in one of my books (maybe Test your bridge judgment or the Hamman CD project) in a slam with a side-suit of AKJ3 in dummy facing 52 after a preempt to your right, LHO leads his singleton and you have to unblock the five (oops...not four). (SORRY ...
Unblocking play
Curiously Michael I quoted this precise sort of suit for the unblock at trick one in the earlier post on Ax facing !Qx. For what it is worth when Helgemo had this (effective) holding in a Euro/WC event where I was doing vugraph he did unblock at T1 ...
A defensive problem
If dummy had AKQ I think we agree partner would give SP at trick one. If partner with 10xx thinks declarer is marked with Kxx or another holding that is about to become self-evident when he plays the suit for discards, might he think it was a SP suit at ...

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