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Barry Rigal
Barry Rigal
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Aug. 17, 2010
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12 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

President of International Bridge Press Association

Chief Vugraph Commentator of WBF and EBL

Writer, player, journalist and jack of all trades.

Sundry national titles in UK and US and Europe.

Always on the lookout for a good story, a good deal, or a good joke.

Please contact me at if you want to publicize something related to bridge, especially for a good cause.

If you want to use par deals (again prefereably for educational/charitable purposes) you know where to go...

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
A Backwash Squeeze -- which I saw coming at trick two
Bridge Accomplishments
The only Bridge pro ever to have been shut out from declaring a hand for a session by a client? (Gertrude Ploske)
Regular Bridge Partners
Glenn Milgrim
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Honors Cavendish Young Chelsea (1975-1994)
Favorite Tournaments
Yeh Bros and Gold Coast
Favorite Conventions
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ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Barry Rigal Glenn Milgrim
15-17 NT; Short club plus transfer responses. 2/1 GF bar 'rebid'
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Barry Rigal Glenn Milgrim 2014
15-17 NT; Short club plus transfer responses. 2/1 GF bar 'rebid'
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Rashomon Redux
The ACBL Daily Bulletin from the last Nationals in San Francisco had MY Rashomon article in it. It seems we are all wannabe Frank Vines... My stories were verbatim accounts of a series of deals as discussed at the breakfast table by 4 top experts.
How strongly do you feel?
:) We know MR to be a careful person. I'm sure he would never capitalize unnecessarily.
How strongly do you feel?
For extra credit, double-dummy solvers are requested to re-construct the deal which Craig Zastera hints at. Of course I might be misanalysing his study but it appears that on precisely ONE deal the C3 would have beaten the contract but the C5 did not. Craig if you don't get ...
Dennis Bilde is 2020 Lazard Sportsman of the Year
I'm not sure I know a player at the top level who is so unfailingly cheerful polite and nice at the table and who appears to treat success and failure in equivalent fashion. I'm sure there are pictures of Dennis when he isn't smiling; I'm not ...
Implicit private understanding?
My flabber has never been so ghasted.
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
What Lynn said. You had a way to find out at the table and didn't. I wouldn't lie but certainly not answering (which was essentially what happened) is fine by me. Ungracious but fine.
Dennis Bilde is 2020 Lazard Sportsman of the Year
This could not happen to a nicer guy. Congratulations; and richly deserved.
Punch the Chump
I didn't know anybody had a long running series with a comedy about cards -- I assume playing cards? I'm going to be very disappointed if Steve tells us this was a quasi-Freudian spelling slip.
Punch the Chump
I've never seen the title in ANY context before. It doesn't get much of a hit on google.
A curiosity
Yes I realized I got lucky/unlucky here and as I commented I didn't even beat par! It was the spade-club problem that interested me.

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