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Barry Rigal
Barry Rigal
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Aug. 17, 2010
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13 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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Barry Rigal Glenn Milgrim
15-17 NT; Short club plus transfer responses. 2/1 GF bar 'rebid'
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Barry Rigal Glenn Milgrim 2014
15-17 NT; Short club plus transfer responses. 2/1 GF bar 'rebid'
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Buchwald on Bridge
When Buchwald was in poor health he was admitted to a hospice but survived much longer than was expected and wrote a series of funny and moving columns. There are a couple of other humorists (Dave Barry and Jay Leno) who have either written or spoken very movingly about their ...
Common Game Tuesday 12 February Deal 14
Obviously the diamond lead is critical in 5 and playing from South preserves your tenace. But after a top diamond lead when South is declarer, is it 'obvious' what to do next? You be the judge.
Jacoby Transfer super-acceptances
I think our own personal experiences may color our view of who gets more from the transfer breaks. Over the last 35+ years I've been playing methods espoused by Steve Lodge where opener can show a specified strong doubleton; or he can show an unspecified weak doubleton. [SENTENCE EDITED ...
Play 6H on board #1 from 1/28/19 common game
My partner was in this slam and received a spade lead. She elected to test hearts with king and ace then could have combined chances with the top spades and a ruff to fall back on the club finesse. I thought that might have been the best combination shot but ...
"Help-suit" game tries
Reverse Romex inverts the Rosenkranz idea of using step one over the raise as 'unspecified short suit try'. Steps 2-4 are long suit tries. Responses to both to taste. Always make a short-suit try rather than long with a choice since partner can respond more easily without using judgment.
Sleeping on the couch, again
I think I had all four of Richard's answers and did not recommend DC for the couch.
What is the meaning of demonstrably?
I had understood that 'could' demonstrably and 'is demonstrably' are not synonymous.
What is the meaning of demonstrably?
does 'lick vape' anagram to Pavlicek? With vicarlike Dr Chap anagramming to Richard Pavlicek?
In The Well- Michael Xu
I played against Julian Laderman, who lived/s in the same building as Gene and told me that he invented this story and told it to Gene, who adopted it as his own. Julian was playing with...Gene's widow. I guess I got this story in just in time ...
In The Well- Michael Xu
The late Gene Prosnitz was a fine New York player. I cant find a picture of him on-line but once seen never forgotten. At some point I remember him saying something to the effect that he was once the best player in the Bronx but now wasn't even the ...

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