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Barbara Seagram
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Dec. 16, 2018
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about me

I used to own and run a large bridge club in Toronto, largest in Canada and 4th largest on the continent. In 2006, the club was named the top club in NOrth America out of over 3200 clubs. We sold it and now own a School of Bridge in Toronto. I have co-authored 28 bridge books and travel the world teaching bridge. 


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Teaching Lessons During Bridge Games
Maybe obtaining space at a different time is an issue? Perhaps they could have the lessons from 11 am to 1 pm so that those players can then go and play in the game. Scheduling the classes in conflict with the game makes no sense to me.
Hang in there, Randy, you are doing great things for bridge!
Randy, I am not always happy with ACBL but was merely pointing out that we cannot lay blame for certain things at their doorstep. If you have to fill out forms in order to receive money from ACBL, this does not mean you have to pay tax in USA for ...
T shirts are a great idea. Take it to and to and suggest attending gaming conventions!
Hi Jeff. I made this offer while playing AT Honors last year. You scoffed at me!! And turned me down forthright! There is no solution to these issues because we are all independent businesses. You solved the competition issue by buying the other clubs. Great idea!! ACBL cannot be in ...
I think the reward for the memberships that renew is an incentive for club owners/ teachers, managers to encourage players to renew. I agree there should be more promotion of the game on a national level. I don't think anyone knows how to do that. But free enterprise means ...
Ellis, in reply to your questions, I did a bit of digging... The NAP Qualifier costs $5.00 a table because this money goes to support the subsidies paid to the winning pairs. Why does the ACBL charge 32 dollars for dup files for a sectional, which they can generate ...
John, you are doing a wonderful thing. But do write something out for them so they understand the hours and effort you are putting into this. They have to be made to appreciate you. Raise the fees. Good job, really!! You are wonderful. Can you meet with the board and ...
I don't have all the answers and wish I did. How do you make a million dollars running a bridge club? Answer: Start with two million. Running a bridge club is the hardest thing I have ever done. Most people don’t realize the effort that goes into it ...
Jeff, we are each independent operators of independent businesses. We are not franchises. I think it is up to each club to become its own success story. We cannot hold ACBL accountable. When other clubs used to open around my club and compete, I just offered more classes and built ...

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