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Barbara Barnes
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April 13, 2011
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about me

Live in Washington, D.C. area; degree in math, retired from U.S Government.

Played a lot in the sixties/seventies; took 35 years off; came back to play in clubs or occasional regional about 2011. 

According to Newsweek I'm a typical ACBL member:  somebody's grandmother with an aol email address. 

Interested in the discussions about cheating detection and investigation/adjudication processes. 

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What do you want more of?
I like the occasional articles about the activities or policies of national/regional/world bridge organizations. Preferably from those folks directly or from their published statements forwarded by others. Everything about the c******** (since BW flagged the word!) scandals and now the follow-up is fascinating. I appreciate the articles BW ...
An awkward 2NT opener auction
Hello, Liam, Steve Robinson's "Washington Standard" (available from Baron Barclay) has a system over 2N (or 2C-2D-2N in 2/1 context) you might find interesting. Tightly constructed into the limited space above 2N. I would say it's not for the beginning/intermediate/casual player, but would be good ...
A Beautiful Hand
RP: Thanks for the memory! Mom drove us around for years in a green 1952 Nash Rambler convertible we called "Nashie" I can feel the plastic? vinyl? seatcovers to this day. It was replaced by a 1959 Plymouth station wagon. I cried for the loss of Nashie when Dad brought ...
Financial fraudsters are targeting ACBL entities
Very common and not just aimed at bridge. An organization for which I am treasurer has been hit with two of these in the last month. One was virtually identical to this. "Dear Jane Doe, I am in meeting. Are you available to make a payment....." Titles, manner of address ...
How do you play this suit
Merci, Jean-Pierre. I was just puzzling over when it would matter if you led the A or K or led toward the same honor.
Leader's PD's first card hesitation
Probably OPer was focused on the allowability of the "hesitation" and wasn't thinking of what was needed to determine number of tricks. Now he knows how thorough BW commenters are going to be!
Use of UI
Hi, Art, At the table I I would think that a) Opener was inexperienced or b) Opener had a brain fart and misguessed the ranks of the major suits. or both. I would also think that after the splinter 4D rebid, 4N is automatic.
Marching Towards Goofyville
Such unfortunate public rants in other venues the last couple days; reading this was a soothing pleasure. Thank you David and Mayberry. I propose the issuance of a comparable cat to all who must needs share their opinions.
Interesting point -- but always? If I open 1NT, playing 15-17 as we have for forty years,and partner doesn't announce the range, what UI is there? Not sure you could even make a case that there's MI to the opponents since the failure to announce to mean anything ...
ACBL Search Committee Up and Rolling
“Our first step will be to define the search process and clearly articulate the skills and qualities we’re looking for,” Cuneo says. “We’ll be studying what other similar organizations are doing and how they’re organized.” Hmm. Any thought of articulating the strategic needs of this organization? Or ...

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