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Avon Wilsmore
Avon Wilsmore
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May 5, 2011
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18 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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A X of 3NT in 1981...
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Double Bay Bridge Centre
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Assign blame for missing game
Was 3, by arrangement, a slam try?
The Curious Case of Schneider-Reithoffer v Mollo
Good question. Maybe a week ago I ordered a "first edition" of Mollo's book so I could see for myself... if there's any variation I will let you know.
Restricted choice?
"Expert Bridge Simplified" (Jeff Rubens) may be a match, but I'm going off memory of 10 years ago, so no guarantees.
Restricted choice?
As well, if East has three diamonds, some of the time, West will raise.
Dodge a Bullet
I, too, play: After penalty double, all subsequent doubles are penalties. When talking to Australian players, I hear that this marks me as some sort of low-life pervert.
Miroslav Kovacevic's bidding problem: KQxx T9xx --- ATxxx
Correct. Having bid 1, 3 is wrong; partner will look at, say, Qx favourably, and x as a bad holding.
For The Record
So, to return to the first deal Mr Yates discusses... 1963 Bermuda Bowl Final, board 124. They are vul Belladonna A5 9 K10976 K10732 P 1 P 1NT ? Belldonna tried a most successful 2, Avarelli having a good 5-3-1-4. That deal is an interesting ...
Feeling a bit dumb
For fifty years at the Double Bay Bridge Centre, one could play Blackwood and Stayman and get to watch Tim Seres remarkable cardplay skills...
What's the position, post-Boye Revelations?
We agree. I am aware that, as regards W-E, the poor DBV was put through the wringer. Most regrettable. I wish DBV all the best in the future.
Is there anything....
Très chic!

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