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Avon Wilsmore
Avon Wilsmore
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May 5, 2011
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A X of 3NT in 1981...
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Double Bay Bridge Centre
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Can Bridge do something like this?
Surely a device that delivers an increasing electrical shock for wrong answers would be more effective...
Your Trick 1 Play
My comment was a weak attempt at humour... will do better next time.
The Longest Consecutive Chain of Bids Ever?
And, FWIW, I could, and did, teach my relays to non-bridgepayers in under 20 mins.
The Longest Consecutive Chain of Bids Ever?
Yes. For independent verification, check with Brad Coles, currently editor of Australian Bridge.
Your Trick 1 Play
The Q lead is into a possible KJ10(x)? Why did partner not lead something else and hold onto his major-suit tenace? I am with the late and great Don Evans (unofficially voted best player of the 1964 Olympiad): "Take the Q. Place it under the ashtray. Lead on from ...
What's your poison?
I am not amazed this got past the BW censor. Its origins being English, it can therefore have neither interest or meaning to anyone. That said, the OED dates its use back to the 1950s, meaning "foolish person" derived from the older slang nigmenog - "a very silly fellow", c1700
The Longest Consecutive Chain of Bids Ever?
Walter Buller lives.
The Longest Consecutive Chain of Bids Ever?
In 80's Australia, relay players (of which I was one, playing a method measurably superior to Symmetric Relay or Ultimate Club) would put dummy down after partner's accurate explanation of dummy's holding, and before the opening lead.
Extreme Bridge #10: Bridge Bidding Puzzle
This sort of auction was not super-rare in the rubber game at the Double Bay Bridge Centre in Sydney. I myself had this auction, at 60-on: 1NT* 2NT** 3NT*** 4NT**** 6NT***** and no one thought the auction was at all strange. * 14-21 ** Quantitative slam try *** I have a max; did ...
Grosvenor at the club
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