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April 18, 2012
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about me

Tax attorney in Atlantic City, NJ.  Playing bridge since 1972.  Inherited much of my sense of bridge humor from Dave Treadwell, so beware.

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Online games do not award black points. They award unpigmented points. Not that it matters.
Unusual action with UI
16B3 does not operate independently from 16B1. 16B3 explains what happens once there is a determination that a player has chosen a call that violates 16B1b.
Unusual action with UI
Michael: Roland is right. The player has clearly violated 73C. For that, he should either be admonished or receive a PP (despite what I said earlier). If nothing else, the player who says that he chose an action because of the UI is guilty of criminal stupidity. That doesn't ...
Unusual action with UI
Michael: Our disagreement appears to be where to draw the line. You want to draw the line in a place that is very close to criminalizing the UI itself. It is very difficult to demonstrate that ANY action taken after UI is not suggested by the UI. The current line ...
Unusual action with UI
I don't think if I would assess a PP. On what basis would a PP be warranted? Because you don't like his comment? You still have to apply 16B. If the action is not demonstrably suggested over another action by the UI, then there is no violation. Of ...
Unusual action with UI
In other words, "if it hesitates, shoot it!" This "criminalizes" the UI itself rather than the reaction to the UI, as it makes actions which are unrelated to the UI illegal solely based on the fact that they are successful.
Unusual action with UI
Art K: "While we are at it, I want protection the next time I am playing hold 'em and some "player" beats my pocket aces with 95 offsuit." Not an analogy. That person did nothing wrong - they just got lucky. The pair that created UI, and bid because of it ...
Unusual action with UI
While we are at it, I want protection the next time I am playing hold 'em and some "player" beats my pocket aces with 95 offsuit.
Unusual action with UI
I remember a missort of larger significance. I held a 3253 hand and opened 1NT. After my partner's response, I notices that both of my black suits were spades!
ATB - Wrong Game
I do not understand why 3 is invitational + while 3 is less than invitational. I play these reversed (except that 3 is forcing). That allows opener to get out in 3 when appropriate.

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