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Anthony Taglione
Anthony Taglione
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Sept. 25, 2015
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about me

Something a lot of people seem to forget is that Bridge is meant to be fun.


Every hand an adventure, every bid a thrill!

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Do bridgeplayers LIKE conventions?
Old programmers never die; they just fade away.
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: K75 Q52 J63 9743
I'm not forced to bid, so I'll pass with nothing to say.
Score Adjustment
I had something vaguely similar the other day. 1 was opened to my right, only promising four. I had AKQ10xx. After partner forced me to bid, I ended up playing in spades, thinking I could pick up RHO's spades. No such luck; she had seven of them.
Do bridgeplayers LIKE conventions?
I guess most of us have, at some point, read the story of Mel...
Do bridgeplayers LIKE conventions?
I gave up coding in assembler when the hassle of optimising for the instruction pipeline became too tedious and compilers were doing it automatically. The last stand, for me, was programming the VU1 unit on Playstation 2 in assembler. With the parallel processing, I had to write my loops to ...
Do bridgeplayers LIKE conventions?
Thanks, Dominic, it is the strong club partner. I groaned when looked at his system but it's been fun to play. When I met him, he only knew this system and was awash in a sea of Acol players, so I offered to play it with him. As for ...
Follwing an overcall, what is the optimum use for a minimum level NT rebid when advancer responds?
We show a max of a doubleton in partner's suit, a stop in their suit and 8-11 points and no better bid.
Do bridgeplayers LIKE conventions?
I just looked up Mini-Roman and found that I play it with one partner already, although we use 2 for the bid, rather than 2, promising at least 4/4 in the majors. We use 2 to show either an 18+ three-suiter or a weak two in ...
Do bridgeplayers LIKE conventions?
With most partners, I only add something when the current system is perceived to be flawed for hands which we encounter. Even then, care has to be taken that the gain from adding something new doesn't outweigh the loss from losing a bid for other purposes. Then again, I ...
procedural penalty
I usually give 3 imps for a PP and 6 imps for a DP

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