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Anthony Pettengell
Anthony Pettengell
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April 30, 2016
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about me

I started playing bridge while at uni in Durham, UK, a couple of years ago. Now based in Nottingham, I mainly play at the Nottingham, Woodborough and Phoenix bridge clubs.


I have played Acol, 2/1, Precision, and Polish Club, and I am keen to try new systems. I have a slight preference for a weak 1NT opening and 5-card majors. Anyone who wants to play strong or artificial club systems or discuss continuations thereof please get in touch.


I mainly fall down in defence (don't we all?) or just in making silly errors. We can but try to improve!

United Kingdom

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Nottingham, Woodborough, Phoenix
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Opening 2N for the minors. Is including a strong possibility 4 losers or less a good idea?
Interesting timing as I just commented on another thread (the big club NT range one) about this very thing, before noticing your thread. I like including a strong option, but mainly because in Polish club those strong 5-5 minor hands are awkward to deal with after a 1 opening ...
Precision - NT ranges w/o Kokish 1!H and w/o 2NT strong/balanced?
My preference for 2NT opening (in a Polish context) is both minors, 5+/5+, but not just weak - have it split range. Weak (5-10 or whatever range you prefer) OR 17+. It's really nice to take the strong 5-5 minor hands out of 1 because they are otherwise ...
Advice on Smith signals
I don't quite follow why Smith is harder to play in tempo than anything else... you have ample time at trick one to work out (possibly with dependancies based on what declarer will play) whether you like partner's lead. Having worked that out, it's really not hard ...
What is your Drury plan,
The way I've played it, an immediate 2 would be GF, and 2 followed by 2 over 2 would be an invite, but it's clear from the poll options that an immediate 2 could be invitational too - in which case I don't ...
Rebid Problem?
I would be perfectly happy with a 1NT rebid in SA, but wouldn't do it without prior discussion with partner. Ditto opening 1 and rebidding 2, though it's more of a strong/Polish club thing really, not worth adding that ambiguity when unnecessary. I can't ...
LaTeX version of convention cards?
I would similarly be very interested in seeing other people's LaTeX templates - in my case EBU-format ideally, but anything would be interesting/useful.
Anthony Pettengell's bidding problem: J65 AJT973 --- J986
I think you need to be quite judicious when deciding whether to open a Muiderberg 2 (ditto Lucas, Polish etc, whatever variant). It's not about HCP, quite the opposite, but purity. HCP in your long suits are good, and pointy doubletons are very bad. Qx/AJxxx/Kx/xxxx may ...
Experimenting with weak NT
I concur with 15-19. The 3NT rebid is ugly and so should be very specific - like Brad suggested, some kind of 'picture bid' perhaps. Even if don't have the time to work out a range enquiry yet, I think keeping all those balanced hands in 2NT (and allowing your ...
Anthony Pettengell's bidding problem: J65 AJT973 --- J986
Partner will never take you for possibly having 6 hearts if you open 2, so the sixth heart would be lost. I can't imagine 2 as a viable bid on this hand myself - you've still preempted spades, and the disparity between the heart and club suits ...
Experimenting with weak NT
Yes, you need a different system for that (unless your original runout system is relatively simple), because the forcing pass isn't available.

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