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Anthony Pettengell
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April 30, 2016
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about me

I started playing bridge while at uni in Durham, UK, a couple of years ago. Now based in Nottingham, I mainly play at the Nottingham, Woodborough and Phoenix bridge clubs.


I have played Acol, 2/1, Precision, and Polish Club, and I am keen to try new systems. I have a slight preference for a weak 1NT opening and 5-card majors. Anyone who wants to play strong or artificial club systems or discuss continuations thereof please get in touch.


I mainly fall down in defence (don't we all?) or just in making silly errors. We can but try to improve!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Nottingham, Woodborough, Phoenix
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Who's crazy ?
I agree with the 2 bid NV; the quality of the suit is paramount in sandwich position, and I hate the idea of passing with a 0-6-4-3 hand when the suit is good enough. I fully understand why some people would think it silly though. The second auction I ...
Notts To4: Uni v Goulash
2 is Drury so doesn't show the club suit. 2 would be slam seeking for most of my partnerships, so the choice is (in my opinion) between 2 or 4.
Notts To4: Uni v Goulash
I am just as happy with 1 on hand 3, and would likely open 1 myself, but I can't fault my partner for opening 1NT. I can't remember ever opening 1NT with a singleton myself, but this is the sort of hand you might consider it ...
Notts To4: Uni v Goulash
"Fine" is perhaps too strong, but it really does depend on agreements and what partner is expecting. If your range is 5-9 for example (I don't know what their weak 2 range is to be fair) then what 5 point hands are you allowed to bid on? KQTxxx with ...
Anthony Pettengell's bidding problem: 54 J763 Q QT5432
For us that would be the simple raise, 2: 6-9 with a club fit.
Anthony Pettengell's bidding problem: 54 J763 Q QT5432
No explicit agreement, but I would guess 1 most of the time. It will be interesting to see whether my partner says the same thing!
The books have got to go.... Part II
Though I don't have experience with 'back in the day' for the concept (I learnt at uni 5 years ago, so basically everything is takeout), I think you're completely right about the most common defensive error being a lack of takeout double. In particular, the auction 2 ...
The books have got to go.... Part II
Although it's not news to me, it still baffles me that this system is in place at all, but that's coming from a UK perspective. The Multi 2 is relatively common over here, with one local club of mine in particular having a large number of pairs ...
The books have got to go.... Part II
*Some* defences are complex, but they really don't have to be. A partnership choosing their own defence, without being handed them, can choose simple defences if they struggle with memory issues.
Knowing your partners preempts
Thanks for that Erik, much quicker than me working from the pdf. Here's the updated file, in English etc (I went with NS/EW as they were shorter than 'unfavourable' or even 'unfav'):

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