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Anthony Pettengell
Anthony Pettengell
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April 30, 2016
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about me

I began playing bridge while at uni in Durham, UK, unfortunately not starting until near the end of my undergraduate degree. I spent 3 years in Nottingham, mainly playing at the Nottingham, Woodborough and Phoenix bridge clubs, and helping to (re)start the university club there. I moved to Middlesbrough in September 2017 and am now playing in Darlington at the St George's Bridge Centre.


I have played Acol, 2/1, Precision, and Polish Club, and I am keen to try new systems. I mainly fall down in defence (don't we all?) or just in making silly errors. We can but try to improve!

United Kingdom

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Hurworth (St George's Bridge Centre)
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Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: JT97532 3 85 A94
Exactly this. I tend towards 2 at matchpoints, but I could be persuaded otherwise. Unequivocally 4 at teams.
Jim Olson's bidding problem: K943 KQ85 Q AQT2
Exactly this. Systemically this is a 1NT opener in my current Polish Club (with the singleton diamond), and there is similarly some argument for 1NT playing a strong club. Playing a natural approach forcing system I’ll stick to 1 however.
A Dutch Disaster - plan the play
3 is pass or correct, 3N is a forcing enquiry that asks about both suit and strength. My partner clearly bid 2N as a tactical try at finishing in 3, or 3/4 if you get lucky and have minor fit. I couldn’t say whether this ...
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: K752 T KQT3 AJT4
I presume this is a companion problem to your previous poll. The two hands fit well because of complementary minor honours/lack of heart wastage, but looking at the hands in isolation I do not think they should be bidding or indeed inviting game at MPs. 2 is fine ...
Balancing after 1S-P-2S-P-P
Surely 2N as clubs + longer diamonds is more efficient? 3 skipping 3 doesn't feel great.
Anthony Pettengell's bidding problem: KQT54 32 T AJ875
I really don't like that style. I appreciate that Odvrodka (or whatever variant used) COULD be bid on any hand that is 18+ with 3+ trumps, but the auction can be unweildy when only 3 trumps and responder has 4 if opener is unbalanced. We only bid Odvrodka with ...
Anthony Pettengell's bidding problem: KQT54 32 T AJ875
I discussed the point about 3 with partner, as my gut reaction was 3 denied 3 spades, but we agreed that it didn't necessarily - a hand with a good 6+-card heart suit and 3 can bid 3 here not 3, so 3 ...
Anthony Pettengell's bidding problem: KQT54 32 T AJ875
We don't currently have this agreement, but perhaps we should. I think I prefer 3 showing 5 clubs but not necessarily canapé, could also be 5-5, with 5=X=Y=4 clubs hands rebidding 2 then mentioning clubs later if relevant.
(1H) P (1S) P (2H) X = ?
The balancing seat is definitely different for obvious reasons. The question for me is "is there a hand that would want to double for takeout now, that wouldn't have doubled for takeout earlier?" That depends both on the strength/variance of your initial take-out doubles and the particular auction.
(1H) P (1S) P (2H) X = ?
While you have 2N/2 for takeout to the minors, I still have x as take-out here. It's nice to have an 'optional' takeout that partner can pass, but the main reason is simplicity/system consistency.

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