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Anthony Pettengell
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April 30, 2016
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about me

I started playing bridge while at uni in Durham, UK, a couple of years ago. Now based in Nottingham, I mainly play at the Nottingham, Woodborough and Phoenix bridge clubs.


I have played Acol, 2/1, Precision, and Polish Club, and I am keen to try new systems. I have a slight preference for a weak 1NT opening and 5-card majors. Anyone who wants to play strong or artificial club systems or discuss continuations thereof please get in touch.


I mainly fall down in defence (don't we all?) or just in making silly errors. We can but try to improve!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Nottingham, Woodborough, Phoenix
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Do YOU play any of the "Worst Conventions?"
Similar on Gerber and MUD. Gerber is fine as an immediate response to 1NT/2NT openings, and I've had it on my card with various partners - never bid it though. I've played MUD often, and while I'm not satisfied with it, I'm not convinced there is ...
Moving to Middlesbrough
Thanks for the comment Bazil. Most people have said less than stellar things about Middlesbrough. I don't know it myself, but the North-East is lovely (I was in Durham as a student for 6 years) and I can't be that picky about location when it involves pupillage! Having ...
Thanks opps...
I noticed you and Julie as we came in, but we were an hour late so couldn't say hi… I think you'd gone by the time we finished the last set. My partner and I both had the old time in mind, so we missed the first 7 ...
2!C natural and limited, and then . . . .
@Jim: Oh that's what I do normally with my Polish 1D, a NT rebid is 5332 or 4441 with a singleton in partner's suit - but I thought Ronald was proposing 1NT as an artificial rebid showing longer clubs; as he has now clarified, the bid simply encompasses that ...
2!C natural and limited, and then . . . .
@Jim: Polish doesn't have out-of-range NT's. 1NT is 15-17; 12-14 and 18+ go in 1 (save that some may have a balanced range such as 21=23 or 24-26 in a Multi). @Ronald: I think mostly it's habit because the same is done with the majors ...
2!C natural and limited, and then . . . .
@Dave: thanks for clarifying. I wouldn't say this makes a big difference. 11-14 vs Precision 11-15, but more importantly having 4-card majors in there is more likely to be an issue for the part-score battles at MP than anything else, where the exact range doesn't matter so much ...
2!C natural and limited, and then . . . .
@Dave: yes, that's the precision 2 treatment I prefer - but the original was specifically 4=4=1=4 or 4=4=0=5, so it needs specifying. I'm not certain what point you're making re the Polish 2 opening, sorry. I'm possibly too tired.
2!C natural and limited, and then . . . .
If a Precision 2 is open to you, extending this to (43)=1=5 hands is preferable in my opinion. 1 is then 2+, and the (41)=3=5 hands bid the same way as hands with 4 diamonds and 5 clubs did anyway. Not much more ambiguity ...
Ok, with Jxx in dummy, partner can't have lead a singleton K as that would leave declarer with Qxxxx, which is impossible on the bidding. Kx with partner and Qxxx with declarer is technically possible (declarer being 4=5=4=0) but extremely unlikely - that lead might be made ...
We really need the rest of the hands (plus dummy) in order to answer this properly. (I mean it's very likely to be more West's fault, drawing inferences from what you've said, as they will have the most information, but I hesitate to say so without knowing ...

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