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Ankur Rathi
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Security and Privacy Nerd.

Bridge Enthusiast.

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Floyd McWilliams's lead problem: T43 KQJ642 --- KT93
Assuming partner has Axx and declarer has 1 heart, partner will see the T on the first round (no matter who has it). This will make it clear that the J is an alarm bell, and hopefully partner can figure out to shift to a diamond. Partner doesn't know ...
Your Ruling, Please
Do we know if a poll was conducted? Seems like that's called for here (i.e. to help the director validate the existence of logical alternatives and what players of East's caliber would do without the UI).
Hiding and unhiding forums
+1 - I just tried adding a forum to my forums, and it doesn't show up in my forums list (on BW homepage).
Plan the Play 6N IMPS
Neural networks work quite well for perfect information games (chess, go, backgammon, etc.). Imperfect information games (bridge, poker) are much harder to simulate in neural nets. Without getting into too much detail: perfect information games have a deterministic value function which can be used to calculate the highest value next ...
Douglas Kuschner's bidding problem: Q82 --- AKQJ6432 A4
Dbl followed by 5. I don't think just 5 does this hand justice (you would've opened it 2, right?)
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: K98743 AKT --- KQ63
Gonzalo - I think you may have misread my post due to its formatting. I was saying that after bidding 5 as a cuebid, it's unclear what your rebid would be over 5. Rebidding 5 at that point (after 5) looks like you're hunting for ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: KQ98xx Ax Axx Tx
Wow.. I didn't think I'd be alone in bidding 4.. so here's my thinking (would love feedback): At this vuln, W isn't going out on a flier - definitely has distribution but also some values. Against a distributional hand, I'm looking at 2 defensive tricks ...
Douglas Kuschner's bidding problem: A 6 AKT8743 J842
well if I was playing with myself I'd bid 4N and correct 5 to 5 - i.e. showing slam interest in diamonds.. but since partner probably can't read minds, I bid 5 and hope I didn't underbid. Edit: Many seem to be bidding 4 ...
Ankur Rathi's bidding problem: --- AQJ9543 AQ63 QJ
Sorry, should have said we're playing 2/1 so 3 can't be passed. 4 does deny control. Updated in description.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: K98743 AKT --- KQ63
Here's why I didn't bid any of these: P - seems completely wrong not to investigate further 4N - diamond void is going to make any keycard ask tricky (unless partner actually shows up with 3) 5 - all well and good to cuebid, but then what? Partner cuebids 5 ...

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