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Selection Problems
When the Selection Committee makes a decision by email, it appears in the minutes of the next face-to-face meeting. For example, in the most recent minutes here: there is a section headed "REVIEW OF DECISIONS TAKEN BETWEEN MEETINGS" Thus ...
Selection Problems
Gordon was at the Selection Committee where it was discussed, so I expect he participated in the discussion, and I assume he was aware that the Committee were expecting him to accept substitutes if it became necessary. They may have discussed specific substitutes for specific teams, or they may not ...
Selection Problems
Would you say that the England women's team has been successful over the past five years?
Selection Problems
"the fact is that the substitution was arranged prior to the commencement of the trial with the agreement of the Selection Committee" Saying something repeatedly doesn't make it true. What is your basis for this belief?
Selection Problems
"Selection by committee routinely fails" What, in your opinion, constitutes failure? In my view, failure would be consistently underperforming at Zonal and World Championships. Success would be consistently winning medals at these events. Perhaps you have a different definition?
Selection Problems
Richard: "the Conditions of Contest allow the Director to authorise an emergency substitute for precisely the reasons that you envisage. This is nothing to do with the situation under discussion where it has transpired that the selectors were consulted in advance." When the Selection Committee were consulted, this is what ...
Selection Problems
If it were the EBU's official position that it's not worth having a conversation with John Cox on Bridgewinners, I think that would be hard to criticise.
Selection Problems
"If you really think that a husband ought to vote on the question of whether a substitute gave a team an advantage over other teams, including his wife's, " They were voting on which team had won the trials, and therefore which pairs would be selected for the Europeans. I ...
Selection Problems
Sorry, my previous post seems to have been widely misinterpreted. My point was that everybody commenting in this thread is just saying what they actually think. Nobody is doing anything to further their own interests. Sarah, for example, has tried to pour oil on troubled waters when it's against ...
Selection Problems
Regarding Bill's question about people commenting here having an interest: Tom Townsend's and David Gold's other halves were playing in the team that came third. Hence they should have encouraged the Brock team to feel aggrieved, thereby making it less likely that the two pairs in the ...

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