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Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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How many spades?
3 is non-forcing and 4 doesn't exist.
Bid out of turn ???
No, that would still be an idiot. The table in Law 2 doesn't tell us that Board 6 will be played after Board 5, or indeed that Board 6 will be played at all.
Bid out of turn ???
There are two offences, one by each side. Putting the board on the table the wrong way around is a minor offence. People do it all the time, and it doesn't cause any harm or significant inconvenience. It doesn't merit a procedural penalty. The player who opened the ...
Flannery Disclosure
It's irrelevant whether the agreement is good bridge or not. The purpose of alerting is to ensure that your opponents know what your bids mean. It's a common agreement to bid 1-1;1NT holding four spades. The opponents will be aware of this possibility, so if ...
What would double mean?
It shows the black suits, probably 5-5. It can't be particularly strong, because we would have acted on the first round.
Kickback Konfusion
Perhaps you should just accept this as a cost of your methods. You can offset the IMPs lost here against all the IMPs you've gained from playing Kickback on other deals.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Marshall, nobody has suggested that declarer said "usually five". The player who made the explanation asserts that he said "Usually at least four". Every experienced player in the world would interpret that as meaning "... but sometimes three". The player who received the explanation asserts that declarer just said the equivalent ...
Flexible Signals - Last One, I Promise
Yes, we won't always know what partner's club holding is, but so what? Partner knows that we won't always be able to read his signal, but that shouldn't stop him [i]trying[/i] to signal. 9 is discouraging, because that's what our methods say it ...
Flexible Signals - Last One, I Promise
Partner also gave suit-preference for hearts when he threw 2 rather than his higher remaining club.
How do you play this suit
But we do have other information - we have the auction. With a heart void LHO might have bid something over 3. Hence he's more likely to have Qxx.

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