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Andrzej Koliński
Andrzej Koliński
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Oct. 9, 2010
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Sept. 29
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Bridge Director
about me

I play bridge since my high school years, first in Poland (Grudziądz, Gdańsk, Warszawa) then in Canada (New Glasgow, NS; Montreal, Quebec; Ajax/Oshawa/Whitby/Toronto; Ontario). Since 1997 I direct (and occasionally play) at the Polish bridge club "Polonus" ( in Toronto. I often play online (nickname "bachor"). e-mail:



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lack of
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Galactic Champion (just kidding!)
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my wife
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Results from Wuhan 44th World Championships
... and ... We Are The Champions!
Outraged by the USBF
Nedju, I really don't know, sorry ...
Outraged by the USBF
Playing for money kills the competition in different ways. The fact I am going to mention is maybe off topic, maybe not. You to judge. The Polish team that won the national qualification for 54th European Team Championships in Ostend, Belgium, 6 - 16 June 2018 included two international players that ...
Bridge Bots
Thank you Ian ... To me, it matters less if it plays any Strong/Polish/... system. I absolutely prefer a bot that has a system that handles several rounds of competitive bidding. 2NT = both majors is not that insane, have you tried it in real life meaning participating in Bridgez daily ...
Bridge Bots
" It does not support almost any systems mainly ... " It seems to me that you have never opened Options/Bidding menu. WB5 signalling? ... Have you analyzed it a bit more? Sorry to say but to me it looks like you just "downplayed" WB5 because it is free and/or in French ...
Bridge Bots
Every day I try to beat WB5 ... ... and I fail most of the time ... kudos to Yves Costel and Gérard Joyez!
Bridge Bots
WBridge5 is cheaper: free! ... and I do want to repeat: it is much better!
What other sport or mind game competition allows bad players to become champions by hiring good players ?
Frances ... there _is_ a tiny difference: sponsors/donors are not "titled" or rather entitled!
Bots, Funbridge, GIB etc
My bet is that WBridge5 plays better bridge that the majority of BW members! If you've never entered Bridgez daily tournaments, give a try, you won't regret! (WB5 in the last three days: 63%, 74%, 66% against 500+ humans!) I'll be very happy if you prove me ...
GAWRYS Wins Spingold
Let's acknowledge it's the Gawryś team and by chance there are two pairs that happened to be a part of the old and non-existent Monaco team, tainted/untainted, whatever! Piotr, Michał and the rest - congratulations!
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