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Andrew Sinclair
Andrew Sinclair
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April 25, 2016
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4!S play
WIn in hand and play a spade toward the ten. I'm trying to find a second entry to the dummy to lead hearts through East twice. Fall back on clubs 3-3. If East wins the ace and plays a diamond, discard a club.
Something unusual ...
With any hand of 10+ points, start with a double.
USBC slam defence
I lead the 3. Is declarer really going to do anything other than go up with the A?
Decidedly an unusual hand.part 2.
Deep Finesse has it down on any non-King lead. I'm not sure how you're going to trick the opponents here to do better than that.
The Choice
Was North's bid 3 showing a 3-card limit raise, or 3 showing a 3-card limit raise? If it's the latter I would be interested in knowing who was sitting NS and how common that method is among experts.
6!C defensive problem
What heart did you lead and what heart did your partner play? What are your carding and lead agreements? Are any of these known or are they unknown to you?
Assess the blame (12)
6 makes no sense to me.
ATB - Missed Slam
West having a fit showing heart bid available on the first round would certainly help find slam. Then East can upgrade their Qx and see where the bad minor cards will go.
What's odds on to do?
If not ducking the first round, is there any additional consideration between A or K? The King might trick the RHO.
Revoke followed by incorrect concession/claim--Result?
The declarer made an improper concession. I wouldn't let declarer concede two tricks when the defenders could only take one trick using any normal line of play.

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