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Andrew Sinclair
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April 25, 2016
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David Hankins's bidding problem: A4 J985 J3 AK642
What is he thinking about?
He's trying to figure out what suit preference signal to give.
What is the best line to make 6D?
Top three hearts. If hearts are 3-3, you draw the last trump. If hearts are not, you are there if long hearts are with long trumps. If not, you ruff the fourth heart and fall back on the club finesse. edit: Maybe you should check for a singleton Q offside ...
Andrew Sinclair's bidding problem: A 3 AQJT976 KT73
You would want to show a weak hand with diamonds and clubs? I thought my hand was close to a maximum for my opening bid. I would probably have opened 1 with x, x, AKQxxxx, AQxx, or maybe even x, x, AK10xxxx, AK10x. On the other hand, if you ...
The Impossible Two Spade Bid
When are you responding 1NT to 1H with 12-13 points?
A new record?
That's 25 low-card points (plus 3 low card "10s"). You can think of it as the inverse of QJ10 AQJ10 AKJ10 AK. I've certainly seen a better hand than that one. I can't remember seeing a hand worse than the given one but I imagine someone has.
Is this a weak two in 1st/2nd seat in your preferred style
As always, you should include an "other" option.
Erdem Ozturk's bidding problem: 85 65 J764 AJ865
I would double with this over 1-(1) but I don't want to commit to the 3-level.
Eduard Velecky's bidding problem: JT96542 AK9 K5 K
Partner can have plenty of hands that will go to 4 over my 3 that are missing AKQ and and a minor ace. Also when partner will bid 3NT our spades are probably useless. I will go low.
Big Decision
Two 8s. Looking at page 2 I'm hoping one is the 9.

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