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Anant Rathi
Anant Rathi
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Dec. 27, 2011
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9 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a bridge addict. There, I admitted it. That's the first step, they say.

I moved from San Diego to San Francisco in April 2016. No regrets (yet).

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
This auction: 2NT (3S) 4S (P) 4NT (P) 5D (P) 6NT (P) 7D. Made 7 missing a cashing ace
Regular Bridge Partners
Ankur Rathi, Phil Clayton, Mark Leonard, Jesse Chao, Edmund Wu, William Zhu
Member of Bridge Club(s)
QuickTricks, Adventures in Bridge
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Favorite Conventions
1430 RKC, inverted minors, Sweedish Jacoby 2NT, Woolsey, OGUST, Flannery
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Silver Life Master
Precision, 2/1, variable 1NT
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Continuations after Minorwood
The simplest answer is: after any response to minorwood in any auction: * 4N is to play * 5m is to play * Among all other steps: the first is Q-ask (IF the response already indicated, it’s K-ask instead), the second is K-ask I believe Mike Nelson said the same thing, just ...
Which Slam Is Best
That was my thinking too - it has a way to win and no ways to lose. Your last paragraph did occur to me as well. But since West found (correctly, as you conclude) a spade lead away from the King anyway, it’s easy to argue that the downside is ...
Anant Rathi's bidding problem: AQT9xxxx T8 x Kx
My partner, who shall remain unnamed, bid 4N over my 4. I wasn’t sure what had happened, but decided 5 would assuredly end partner’s auction. After two passes RHO doubled, so I ran to 5 (doubled) for -800. Before doubling 5, RHO asked about ...
Anant Rathi's bidding problem: Kxxxx Qxx xx KJT
I bid 3N at the table. That had no play when they led and dummy tabled a singleton. I’d considered that RHO’s think meant they had heart support. Glad to see the majority is still bidding 3N like I did.
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: AT5 --- AJ8532 KT97
If you’re not playing splinters in response to 1m, it is normal (I think) and necessary to play them at responder’s rebid after the inverted raise. In other words, after 1m-2m-2any: 3M = shortness (I play splinters over 1m with all of my partners and would have responded 3 ...
Which Slam Is Best
Kit, would 5NT over 5 have been pick-a-slam? This seems like the right call. Partner would offer a 4-card diamond suit, in which case he is (almost) certainly short in a major and we can pass. Over anything else, we can sign off in 6NT. But maybe 5NT would ...
Plan the play
Both contingencies (Kx in P’s hand; declarer being forced to draw trumps) are still available after cashing a high club and shifting to the singleton at T2. Declarer will be better equipped to guess where the club honors are, but I don’t think that matters.
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: 763 T87542 A K73
How do we even know we’re making 6? Partner can have eg: x AKJxx KQJxxx x - KQJxx KQJxxx Qx
Systems after (weak two) - 2N - (P)
Doesn't apply over (2) 2N, of course
Systems after (weak two) - 2N - (P)
1 simple improvement over "2N opening systems on" is to use transfer to Opener's suit as a game invitation with length in the other major. This solves one hand type and is still very easy to remember, since transferring to their suit can't be natural anyway.

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