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Amy Mitura
Amy Mitura
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May 23, 2014
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March 3
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Bridge Player
about me

Bridge--During undergrad, I met a junior bridge player who had traveled to Poland, South Africa, and Cuba who was patient enough to teach me how to bid a bridge hand and saintly enough to watch me declare one. Still, I was over thirty before I learned to read a hand record and am still looking forward to my Cuban vacation...




Non-bridge--Vegetarian since age nine. Wanted to be a writer since age nine. Have had gray hair since sixteen. Often unsure as to whether people are asking me if I am too young to 1) have gray hair, 2) play bridge.

Live in New York. Love old game shows and pizza, UCONN basketball (more before the demise of the Big East), the Constitution, El Greco more than Velasquez, and Shakespeare (who did write his own plays for...sake). 

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
The day Steve Weinstein followed me on BW or managing to operate a screen properly at least one time. Tough call.
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Ron Haack
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Fall Nationals
Favorite Conventions
Any artificial club bid? (I almost understand the difference between a system and a convention).
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
I wrote an email too. Got no response. Just got back from 10-day trip there. Had an amazing time without the bridge.
My first month away from the game
I stopped going to tournaments after the incident in Chicago. And just when I started attending them again, I cancelled Memphis after the results of the Blue Ribbons this year. I recently returned from Havana. Feel refreshed and inspired. Do I miss the game? Yes. Maybe I can find a ...
A Request from Ms Manners
Or at least to make the rude comment creative. Once, in an individual tournament on BBO a player called me a train wreck, told me to clean toilets, and that I have no brains for bridge. If I had done an ATB on the hand, I'm pretty sure I ...
A Request from Ms Manners
Peg, I just thought I'd point this out as there was a comment upthread that suggests we flag comments that insult the poster. I'm not confident all foreign members of the community are able to distinguish between insulting a bid or the poster. That's all. And as ...
A Request from Ms Manners
Something to consider... Some members of the community are not native English speakers. They may be more limited in the ability to express themselves.
A Request from Ms Manners
Its author is ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
NG: Well said. And I, too, wasn't sure whether Ray's question was serious. I do not see how determining ethics and deliberation from a poll taken after-the-fact would make any sense. If this is something players do want, surely the standard would have to be extraordinarily high, no?
Do You Count Your Cards?
"the weight of the cards"! Alternative solution to tablets or scale next to each bidding box :)
Do You Count Your Cards?
Bets on when someone is going to suggest playing on tablets or similar as a solution?
Do You Count Your Cards?
Not willing to call it a "waste" of time, but I understand. More frustrating than counting, especially slow counting, as a waste of time is when a player takes an eternity to arrange his/her hand. If there is a physical disability at play, I understand, if not, it can ...

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