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Ambrose Mackie
Ambrose Mackie
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Feb. 26, 2013
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One way reverse Drury, Weak 2D, support doubles
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Eric Sieg's bidding problem: KT963 A7 KJ6 654
Ah yes. My bad
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: KT963 A7 KJ6 654
Chris, why can't the opponents be in a 9 card fit with partner 3-5-4-1.
Restricted Choice - or not?
Paul - thanks that makes sense. But then what difference to the odds does it make that East always plays K from KQ? None at all?
Restricted Choice - or not?
Deleted rubbish
Restricted Choice - or not?
Kx vs KQ both equally likely given these parameters I would think. The finesse will save an undertrick when East has stuff K so usually go for that. However, if the undertrick is irrelevant you should play for the drop to inflict psychological damage on East when he has KQ ...
Restricted Choice - or not?
I thought of this and was in the process of editing my comment but if you take this reasoning you will never profit! It's true it might be better to wait for a better spot though.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: Q43 AKJ96 932 A7
Sometimes you do have to give partners some credit!
Liam Milne's bidding problem: Q43 AKJ96 932 A7
3D is clearly forcing. If you had a trap pass that did not want to force to game you would have bid 2NT at your last turn.
Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: AJ64 7 JT964 A82
Looks like pass at IMPs and compete at MPs
Two from the Buffett Cup
Ah yes you're right. The double end-play doesn't work at all if that is the layout and you win as East has an entry to put a heart through.

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