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July 23, 2012
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A few 2/1=FG style questions
There seems to be almost-universal agreement that the answer to Q1 is an honor control, not a control by shortage or a new suit; You may call this a "control bid" or a "cue bid" depending on your terminological preference. Q3 shows a weakness for bidding 3 in Q2 ...
Help with UDCA Discarding please-This Month's Bridge World
Henry: You are right that a low diamond (UD) would encourage, but, as your side needs four diamond tricks, you cannot afford to play it. I hope that a spade discard gets read as suit preference for diamonds, rather than asking for a heart. (Discarding from the heart suit might ...
Responses after a Forcing NT is overcalled
What it should mean (penalty) is that the overcall is in opener's second suit. The alternative meaning - bid by the majority here - is f0or takeout. But why is opener asking responder to pick another suit when responder's 1Nt (forcing) response asks opener to do the same?
How does the GF over minors affect XYZ responses?
Re: "where a simple raise is GF and may have a 4-card Major. The limit raise is consigned to the minor jump shift (1♣-2♦ or 1♦-3♣) both denying a 4-card major. Consider this a single case where a 2 level raise can have a 4-card major." As for ...
ATB .. partner opened 3S, what spade support is needed to bid 3NT?
Even at matchpoints, why should the defenders let a beatable game go through? 3NT down one is certainly a better score than either 3NT or 4 making.
ATB .. partner opened 3S, what spade support is needed to bid 3NT?
What spade cards North needs to either raise to 4 or bid 3NT depends on partnership agreements. As for the choice between these calls, even if I knew (with come partners i will know) that the spade suit will run), I would bid 4, not 3NT. The reason ...
Discarding Problem
Declarer's cards (c. 6-7, or 6-8 HCP) comes from the K, J, K, Q, Q. Eleven HCP. Partner's last two hearts suggest spade values You should focus your efforts on showing the spade queen, so that partner can lead to it, knowing out the ace, and hope that ...
Should Michaels require an alert?
In the modern world, does a 2 showing a strong (GF) hand fall within this description: "any cuebid which conveys a very unusual or unexpected meaning"? When was the last time anyone made this bid at your table?
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: K87x Q KT9 AK9xx
Here's a horrible thought. Playing a cue-bid as a LR+. Now, partner thinks you have a heart fit with a more limited hand. Now 3NT may be the only way to get to game. And, contrary to some thoughts above, partner is not "inept." This all comes from the ...
Should Michaels require an alert?
Re: "Let’s go back a bit. Suppose you are responder. Partner opens 1♦ showing 3+, RHO bids 2♦ with no alert and you have to decide what to do. For the benefit of readers unfamiliar with ACBL alerting regulations, if 2♦ is either Michaels or a strong takeout, the ...

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