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July 23, 2012
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BW 2/1: 100% GF?
Opener rebids his major suit twice. 1 - 2X - 2 - 3X - 3. Opener shows a second suit , then repeats either suit without jumping. 1 - 2m - 2 - 3m - 3/3. Responder rebids his suit twice, without jumping: 1 - 2 - 2 - 3 ...
Forcing or not?
No. Responder's new suit bids would be forcing, This auction merely shows an invitational hand with ionger spades than diamonds.
BW 2/1: Opener's Raise to 3m
When both of your rational options are anti-systemic, either change the system or make an irrational bid (2NT for me, hoping that partner can rebid in a black suit.)
TURBO, perhaps the most undervalued convention in bridge.
Of course, this depends on the strength of the field and how many would be able to show (or deny) the jack of clubs. I've played in fields in which no one would be able to get to any grand slam. And with this beginning, it would be difficult ...
What does this redouble mean?
How might different meanings for the double influence the possible choices for the redouble? Or does this matter? *When nearly everyone plays the redouble as showing three-card support for spades, it might not matter anymore. But here goes. 1. A heart raise. Possibly Rosenkrantz-ish, either promising or (Guildenstern) denying a ...
BW 2/1: Splinters
Assuming that we are addressing splinters by both opener and responder (to show support for the other partner's suit), after responder's initial two-level response (FG), I agree with the majority that the splinter need not show extra strength or even controls in the sole unbid suit. Nor need ...
How Dare The Computer Break Our Famous LTT
Aren't clubs the obvious shift? A single honor, compared to three of them in dummy? Heart five *standard; playing UD, you need a higher heart, and the seven may not be so easily read)(. Low club to East because West wants trumps returned. Spade back. Declarer draws two trumps ...
The standard meaning of this bid
I voted for stopper asking. To use 3 as a splinter raise if you would make a negative double with either four hearts or four clubs would require at least six card support for partner's diamonds as well as a strong hand in any event.
The standard meaning of this bid
Why not? 2 initially shows a strong diamond raise (Limit+ or GF as you prefer). 3 can then show a control or shortage. Not entirely impractical.
BW 2/1: Opener's 3NT Rebid
A widely used method is that 1M - 2m - 3NT shows 15-17 without support for responder's suit, and that 1M - 2m - 2NT shows either 12-14 or 18-19, with the stronger hand rebidding over 3NT (often 4NT) when slam is possible. . Although here a 2NT rebid might not show this split-range ...

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