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July 23, 2012
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Using 2/1 as a Convention
Mike: Re: "50 year ago, I think 1M-4M shows a good hand." You need to go back further. Even in standard Goren (c. 1940s onward), this was a preemptive raise. Check 1930s ACOL books. Not sure how Culbertson played it.
Common game deal Wed 16 April
With the clubs a probable seven to the left and two the right, you are less likely to get the usual 3-2 breaks in both hearts and diamonds - about 50% normally, but here less. The usual approach to a hand in which you set up the side suit is to ...
Unusual NT or Not
Holding five hearts, I can show them in at least two ways. The way I choose will emphasize hearts when I hold AKxxx, but not when I hold xxxxx, especially as I do not want my partner to take a preference to xxxxx with a spot-card dou8bleton.
Unusual NT or Not
Unless your partnership agrees otherwise,. you want your two-suited overcalls to show two approximately equal suits, so that partner will have an easy choice. Having partner consider that one suit might be substantially stronger than the pother (unless agree to consistently follow a specific rule, such as that the lower ...
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
Partner is a passed hand, so game is less likely than otherwise. And the opponents are stronger. Given that, it strikes me that 1 is the call more likely to go plus.
Futile Willie?
Ni, That North should reopen with 3, maybe 4. With 13 HCP, North should reason that South has roughly 6-8 HCP, mostly outside of diamonds and act strongly.
7NT redoubled
N-S could not figure the hand out until after the 5 bid,
Redouble Trouble: Current Standard Expert Practice?
Dave: While you are, of course, correct that not everyone has such an artificial; raise, it is widely played, and, if I recall correctly, is regarded as part of Bridge World Standard.
Redouble Trouble: Current Standard Expert Practice?
Responder is limited to three-card support for opener (with 4! support, use an artificial; raise). Given that, there is a standard raise structure, not addressed above. With a minimum (10-12 HCP) three-card raise rebid to the two level. With 13-15, rebid with a one-round jump. With more, bid the opponents ...
Balancing in fourth seat.
You hold too many clubs, and not enough high card strength. Especially when vulnerable (though you are NV here), or when partner has passed, let the opponents play 1 or 1 sometimes; they will need to take nine or more tricks before their score the + 100 they will ...

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