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What is the purpose of attitude signaling?
Here is an alternative defense for East. If he can conclude that, in addition to declarer's five diamond tricks, he also holds two heart tricks, two spade tricks, including the finesse against partner's jack, or the QJ in his own hand, the hand cannot be beaten unless West ...
What is the purpose of attitude signaling?
Paul: Once declarer has given you the heart position, partner's signal in spades shows an entry. As Michael has pointed out, partner needed to show you the spade ace if he felt it necessary to return hearts from his side of the table. So, showing you the spade ace ...
How do you play Picture Bid when the choice is 3M or 4M?
Exactly. No control in clubs or hearts is shown by signing off in 4 (the trump suit) or, with a stronger hand, by bidding 4, responder's main side suit, already shown at the two level.
How do you play Picture Bid when the choice is 3M or 4M?
Simple. T is trumps (here, hearts or spades). 4T is bidding the trump suit at the four level. X is another suit, such as diamonds in a spade auction, presented above. As for 6X, I don't use the term in this material, but it would mean bidding a side ...
How do you play Picture Bid when the choice is 3M or 4M?
This premise is too complicated. But the idea is fairly simple. In a 2/1 GF auction, when offered the opportunity to bid either 3T or 4T, what is the difference? For example, to Marshall Miles, in BW, if responder makes a 2/1 GF bid, then reverts to 4T ...
Two Colors or Four
Match the colors on bidding box cards. Use larger indexes (bigger numbers/letters on side of cards. Both will make it easier to correctly identify cards for those , who like myself, are visially impaired.
The Pros have no idea
17 HCP are aces and kings. Also, only two below average spot cards. If you don't want to treat this hand as 20 in an expert's hands, why treat it as 16-17? On a more global issue, all this hand really proves is that club players do not ...
The Pros have no idea
To me, the North hand is worth a 2NT rebid (I would not be surprised if an expert evaluator opens 2NT). Any decent auction from there, say 1 - 1; 2NT - 3 (forcing); 3 etc. should reach the diamond slam. Once there, you draw trumps, drop the ...
Responding to takeout double with 4-4 majors
"Dosn't 1♠ then 2♥ show 5c♠/4c♥?" No. That rule applies if you are responding to partner's opening bid, where you are forcing partner to rebid, allowing you to show your hearts next. None of that applies when partner makes a t/o double. Your non-jump advance of ...
Responding to takeout double with 4-4 majors
If not strong enough to jump, then not nearly strong enough to cuebid 2. This leaves 1 and 1. I choose 1, as do most, because I can show my second suit without reversing, thus without forcing a three-level preference. As for the idea of bidding ...

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