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July 23, 2012
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Lead/ carding agreements
Kantar has written several books on defense. His recent (about a decade ago) Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense and Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense cover basically the same subject matter as his 1970s work from Wilshire Press (I don't have the title immediately available, but do have ...
Odd-Even and Encrypted Signals
The ACBNL discusses odd/even discards because they were (possibly still are) not permitted in use any other time, just the first discard. Steve Moese (see below) also remembers that the ABL rule allows only use on the first discard/. As I said above, that is when the signaler has ...
Odd-Even and Encrypted Signals
so, if you want to signal for a continuation, you play the 10 from A 10 8 4 2? If so, that is relative. If using this approach, then playing the 10 is relatively less a continuation signal than is playing the 9. Partner must than appreciate that you do ...
Signal at trick 1 in no trumps
Yes, you should play the 9 whether it is attitude, count, or suit preference. But which meaning do you ascribe to the 9? Will partner understand it that way? And will partner shift to a diamond after you play it?
Some questions about Good-Bad 2NT and competitive bidding
One thought about "Good/Bad" mediates. Whenever a lower-ranking bid is used to adjust the strength of the sequence (and as an alternative to the direct bid), the mediate should always be stronger than the direct sequence. This is desirable for 1NT (2X) 2NT used as lebensohl, Rubens Transfers, etc ...
Odd-Even and Encrypted Signals
This is the difference in effectiveness between Relative signals (such as high-low) and Absolute signals (such as odd-even). Playing Relative signals, if you have at least two cards to choose from, one is always right (or. at least, more right than the other). Playing Absolute signals, you can hold four ...
The Setting Trick: James Holzhauer
Unfortunately, the podcast does not play on my Windows computer. Can I alter settings to allow it to play?
You can not be inactive!
Andrzej: Why did you not give the choice of the 10?
Method for showing distributional versus high-card strength
If I held the west hand, I would raise partner's 1 response to 2. Partner might bid 4 with his 14 HCP. Suggested play in 6 is double dummy, and even then, it can be defeated. Start by winning the diamond lead, finesse the club ...
What's your bid? And what is standard here?
I'm going with this sequence as well.

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