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July 23, 2012
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12-14 nt, rebid with 15-17
To me, this dep3ends on the range for 1nt over 1x. if C. 9-11, you probably want to raise to 2NT with all but a minimum. If weaker, say 7-9, you want to pass. I'm not anxious to have my partners play 3NT with 23 or 24 HCP between ...
Missed game after Drury
If South's 2 shows a full opener, then North must do more than rebid 2. Since modern Drury approaches show a fit, and North has already announced three card support, he should make a game try with whatever methods the partnership is using. South would probably accept ...
Fourth seat openings.
Re: "Except that 1♣ isn't defined yet. Could be 18-19 balanced or a strong unbalanced" True, except that 12-14 bal. are far more common than either of these two types. The odds are good that first seat will have a passed-hand major suit overcall (say 8-10/11) HCP, and ...
Fourth seat openings.
This is not good either way. However, when a strong notrumper opens 1 or 1 in fourth seat with a minimum balanced hand, he not only makes the same announcement but gives the opponents more bidding room. Maybe, pass unless your hand is better than a minimum opening.
NMF or XYZee?
There is much to discuss beyond the basic meaning of the 2 relay and the 2 FSF replacement.
Requesting a higher bracket
" The event that prompted the OP had a total of 21 teams for all brackets. As a director, where would you draw the line? " Why aren't 12 and 8 (see above) good enough? If a director isn't planning for an entry of a difficult number of teams, then ...
Requesting a higher bracket
You can't bracket A/X and B/C/D. That is flighted, not bracketed. Bracketed depends on the actual (or reported) MPs previously awarded, not "cut-off" points as with flighted.
Requesting a higher bracket
Two comments: First: "1. Bracket sizes will be less uniform, and match types may be less uniform. You might have a bracket 1 of 11 teams, a bracket 2 of 14 teams, and a bracket 3 of 9 teams if lots of teams requested upgrades to bracket 2 and only ...
NMF or XYZee?
Thank you all. Here is Gavin Wolpert's approach, from the referenced article: after 1m-1M-1NT-2NT 2NT is a relay to 3♣, that's how you sign off in clubs, then over 3♣ Pass = Clubs 3♦ = 5 of my major, 4 of partners minor, low shortness 3♥ = 5 of my major ...
NMF or XYZee?
"2NT by responder is a puppet to 3♣ (and is one of the hardest things for someone new to XYZ to remember)." This is something I haven't seen before. Is iot a signoff in 3, with all other sequences either invitational or GF?

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