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Sept. 13, 2016
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Why are there round robins in the World Team Championships?
Why to stop there ?Pick 4 teams by there past record/reputation/whatever & directly seed them all in semifinal & start a new World bridge(baseball) championship & do away with the present one. Also lament simultaneously "Why Bridge is a dying game".
The 5 level belongs to: __________
Forcing pass ought to be in a situation where you know the huge strength in partner's hand ,here East's 3 bid does not promise anything regarding strength of his hand. You either compete(gamble) or pass waiting for a reopening double.
Quite unlikely to go down but...
Duck the opening .
Plan your play 18.
What's the best way to play this hand ?
A ,low , Either 1)West takes A & leads back a , A ,ruff a ,A ,ruff a , KQ ,K ,ruff a ,ruff a with Q. Or 2) West does not take A--same line. Makes whenever West is at least 3-3 in -. If K ...
Perhaps there is a moral
What West did was deliberate or not is yet to be proven but the declarer was too clever & tried to exploit that information & paid the price.
Restricted choice with two touching cards?
I would duck also & hook trump the second time; Moreover it is not a problem of restricted choice as if West holds QJ10 or QJx or QJ or J10x or J10 they will take their trick no matter what you play but if West is singleton J, you can restrict them to one ...
An unusual squeeze
Declarer should not cash Q earlier.
What's your best shot?
hook & cross ruff does not produce 12 tricks unless West is 3-2-4-4 or 4-2-4-3 preferably with H Q or J.For playing to be 3-3, West is to lead from K/Q xx (as otherwise ruffing finesse will have same effect if West leads from xxx ...
interesting hand/mostly defensive issue2
Diagram please!
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