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Allan Simon
Allan Simon
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Aug. 24, 2010
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Nov. 12
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bridge player

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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Do you open all 12-counts?
I pass about one of ten 12-counts
Some questions about Good-Bad 2NT and competitive bidding
To clarify my above comment, if partner made a negative double I think good-bad applies. But if he bid 2♣️, it is harder
Some questions about Good-Bad 2NT and competitive bidding
You open 1♣️. LHO overcalls 1♠️. Partner either doubles or bids 2♣️. RHO bids 2♠️. What is 3♣️ by you? How can you differentiate between a competitive bid like xx Kxxx Ax AQxxx and a serious 3♣️ bid on Axx Axxx x AKxxx?
Some questions about Good-Bad 2NT and competitive bidding
Well yes, obviously. Those are completely different sequences than the one I asked about
IMP Pairs
Someone once asked Mike Passell (I think it was him. If not sorry!) what the best strategy was for IMP Pairs. He answered "play like it's the last session of a KO match and you're 20 IMPs behind"
A pet peeve
Relax and look up egregious on your Funk and Wagnall's
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
Well aware. Hongkong, Guadeloupe, Réunion and many other entities are recognized BY THE WBF. That doesn't make them countries.
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
Playing for different 'home countries' in the Camrose Cup doesn't count. These entities are part of Great Britain. It's like playing for Alabama and Arkansas in the ACBL's GNT.
Defense From the Bermuda Bowl
Doesn't neutral defense, e.g. retutning à black suit at trick 2, work just as well. Eventually West gets in with ❤️K, and plays back a diamond for the trump promotion.
Allan Simon's bidding problem: 765 KT64 KQJ6 85
(continued) AQx xx Axxxxx AJx or similar?

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