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Allan Simon
Allan Simon
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Aug. 24, 2010
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San Diego Motions
As the motion E1 is written, if after a hand is over I ask déclarer "what were your diamonds?" I can be severely penalized.
How would you have acted?
I had no idea. Wow.
How would you have acted?
Thank you Michael, that makes sense. Now let's take another hypothetical situation: you have a weak hand with a void in clubs. The bidding starting on your left goes 1C-(2C)-3C. You are one of the very few pairs who play the 2C bid as natural. Your RHO ...
How would you have acted?
I am apparently wrong here, to judge by the votes and comments of the world-class players, but: West has apparently assumed he knows our system -- he did not ask about the double. Why is it my job to set him straight?
I have a lucky shirt, but I only wear it when I really really want to win. I don't want to wear it out for just a Sectional.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: KQxx J AKxx QJxx
I believe the sequence with the slow 3H bid shows six or seven hearts, but not solid, maybe Ax KJ87653 xx Ax, something like that. I would rebid 3NT and let partner place the contract.
Can the Director do this?
Why? If partner has the right cards especially in hearts for instance Kxxx QJx xx KQxx , or even a bit less, then 4S is a good contract.
Retiring TD -- Roger Putnam
Phil Wood, not Woods.
Allan Simon's lead problem: KQT73 5 4 AJ8653
Declarer falls into the winning line. He has to ruff out the Ace of clubs, then his only way back to hand is a heart ruff. Then the hand vplays itself.
Road to the GNT Final Four Part 1
Can you not be opponents, yet friends?

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