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Alistair Bodin
Alistair Bodin
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March 4, 2019
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

UK based, I played a lot at school university and early career, then family and work and commitments stopped bridge. Redundancy in 2016, I have the time to devote to bridge, now one of the better club players here in the UK, though my defense sometimes lets me down. Enjoy Benji Acol, weak NT, and 5 card majors strong NT with a multi. Fascinated by bidding and systems and understanding how to be more efficient in bidding. 

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
Retaining Chairman's Shield in Camberley Teams, winning Basingstoke 2nd division teams league.
Regular Bridge Partners
Andy, Sean, Danielle, Manny
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Basingstoke, Camberley and Ascot
Favorite Conventions
Checkback, Puppet Stayman, 4 suit transfers, Intermediate 2 in a major, transfers over 1!C opening
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Re Learning Precision
Thank you for the replies SMP it will be then. A while back when made redundant I wrote some software to deal 100000 random hands so I could analyse certain things to see what would be good and occur more often. A quick hack and I looked at SMP openings ...
Search broken?
Thanks Eugene,
Do you ever open a 5 Card Major with One Notrump values?
With a bad 5 card suit should they not be trumps as there may not be time in NT to set them up?
Simple Transfers over 1 Club opening
Thank you for all the comments most helpful. I think we will go with the following responses to 1 1 4+hearts 5+ points 1 4+spades 5+ points 1 denying 4 card major may have a minor suit. 1NT (54)xx 5+ 2 (44 ...
Simple Transfers over 1 Club opening
Thank you all for the comprehensive feedback most helpful. Will change to be 5HCP to respond. Though I have a few times played in 1 passed out as has my partner but against better opponents that would not be the case. Will change the 1 to deny 4 ...
Bidding Improvement With Weak NT?
Is that allowed as I thought both partners had to have the same convention cards and play the same system?
2!d Opening to Show a Balanced 18-19 HCP?
In Nilsland's book 5 Card majors Scanian Way he advocates the following:- 2 18-21 Balanced or GF 2 2 2 2 2N 18-19 HCP 2 2 2N 20-21 HCP 2 is a relay response on most hands. Other ...
On computer versus hand shuffling
A good read thank you for sharing.
Simple Transfers over 1 Club opening
Today my partner and I tried our simple transfer system and only two 1 openings occurred in 24 boards so not much practice. Both got us poor scores, we play again tomorrow so hopefully more practice.
2 "Non-Technical" Bridge Books Suggestion
Excellent book that I enjoyed though quite a bit was perhaps a bit over my head, but good read all the same.
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