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Alex Hydes
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March 25, 2014
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Bridge prostitute.  

US NABC+ record: 1-6

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ATB - missed game
a hand with extra values that's not shapely enough to bid itself but which would be happy enough for the double to be removed. this hand is much more common and more awkward than a genuine penalty double.
ATB - missed game
east has an obvious 4nt bid, unless double is penalties which would be a rather unusual agreement, except at the lowest levels of the game.
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
The OP made a mistake in presentation in using examples from Wikipedia. He should have restricted himself to other sources. Rightly or wrongly, Wikipedia is seen as being more copyable. No-one would suggest it's not copyright theft to copy verbatim, for example, BBC Leicester (one of the other sources ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
you may also want to look at this link for previous form:- Copied here for those scared of clicking links:- LONDON 27th February 2001 The International Online Bridge Club (Bridge Player LIVE!), Europe's foremost provider of live Internet ...
my hand tells me partner has misbid
That's a pathetic attitude. You do realise the aim is to win points, not post-mortems, right?
Defence to magic club
i don't have any documentation sadly. there are no convention cards in this event
Alex Hydes's bidding problem: 94 Q AKT83 AK542
well quite. i personally wouldn't force to the 5 level at matchpoints and nor would i be happy bypassing 4S. i would be a lot more tempted by 4H if it were an option though.
Who's to blame (note the accepted insufficient bid)
double asks for a heart stop. why didn't west bid 3nt?
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
there was an individual trial for the u20s in 1993. they no doubt took the view that u20s were too stupid to grasp the concept of partnerships or system.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: J4 AJ3 A8742 QJ3
3 over 1nt would set spades slammy. p didn't do that so he's unsure as to strain.
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