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Alan Shillitoe
Alan Shillitoe
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May 4, 2015
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English Bridge's chief babysitter.

United Kingdom

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the saint
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Alan Shillitoe's bidding problem: J AKQ6 75 QJT873
Partner has chosen to pass rather than XX, but we've already denied a diamond control by bidding 4H. There's lots of inferences to untangle and I'm interested in the consensus.
Selection Problems
Re: The emails. Obviously every decision can't be held until a meeting - the committee meets a handful of times per year - and many of the threads are sufficiently dull that people would be delighted for them to never be published - those arcane procedures and regulations that we'll never ...
Selection Problems
I guess the answer is to ask them who they think the second best player or pair in the country is!
Selection Problems
I'd challenge that view somewhat. You certainly need some players of top standard on the committee - there is room for others who excel at governance and process. While data can be gathered, it can't tell the whole story. Therefore there is a significant component of judgement through observation ...
Crouch and Cope Win Silodor Pairs
Nice one guys!
Selection Problems
That will definitely be self-funded...
Selection Problems
@Richard. Give us a few more junior cycles and I reckon we could put a dent in that £200K!
Selection Problems
This goes back to something I posted on the sister thread to this. A squad system works well for the juniors, but there's lots of organisational issues and potential professional conflicts to resolve to get it to work for England. I know that the Dutch seem to have it ...
Say No To Cheats
Selection Problems
Competent to select, disinterested in the results AND prepared to serve time on the committee? Add in the extra qualifier and the numbers drop significantly! (Disclaimer. I may have served, but not convinced I met the other criteria)

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