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May 4, 2015
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English Bridge's chief babysitter.

United Kingdom

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England trials - success for BW members
Correct Tom, I didn't word it the best. Didn't intend to cause confusion though. But the point remains that they increased the average NGS strength of the field.
England trials - success for BW members
So was Andrew Robson. David Gold and Mike Bell weren't selected for the 10 partnerships that competed in that event - something that got dug over on BW a couple of years ago that I don't propose to go into here.
England trials - success for BW members
One could also argue that since there were no exemptions straight through to the team this time (from players with an NGS higher than 68), and all the strong players were able to enter (no limiting of the field by the selection committee) that there was always potential for the ...
Law of Total Tricks
Maybe not explicitly in every case, but intuitively and factored by years of experience.
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
The whole Stamford club is a remarkable story of success. From a small provincial town, now the third largest club in the country in total tables. All through effective community engagement.
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
It could easily be adapted to Precision/Polish club with only a smidgeon of common sense. You could probably do it with a relay system or forcing pass or Betelgeuse Gamma Plus from the Andromeda galaxy if you really want to - not that anyone would teach a beginner that. I ...
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
I'd also add a couple of notes to this. In England, we have also historically had to take near novices into the U16/U21 squads because of a lack of suitable training options elsewhere - evening club sessions and late bed times don't really work with school children. Online ...
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
If you want to understand how a local bridge club has managed to get into schools, then have a look at this example from (Old) England. They have a program that, linked to examples from the national curiculum, gets buy in from the local schools. They have demonstrated starter/minibridge ...
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
At some point I will write and compare and contrast with my experiences in England. But in the mean time, well done to all involved. There are also some very interesting things to take away and learn from.
What does the BIT suggest?
Thoroughly approve of this poll having an option to execute the perpetrators. Should be mandatory.

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