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Alan Schwartz
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April 29, 2013
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July 4
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Alan Schwartz's bidding problem: --- AT862 QT98 QT76
If you bid 3 and pard bids 3. Isn't that club support?
Alan Schwartz's bidding problem: --- AT862 QT98 QT76
I rebid 3. (Don't remember the last time I did that with 5). Caught pard with a max and xx. 4 down 3 was a cold zero in a big game.(3NT goes down too.) The winning bid is 3
Frustration With BBO Directors
Here is another one that just occurred Opps get to 3NT(MP) with solid 4-4 fit and KJxxx opposite Axx and xxx opposite x. Pard guesses to lead a spade. Time runs out. Director awards score of making 6 for a top as GIB will drop the Q ...
Frustration With BBO Directors
Find one other person who would pass 2H.
Frustration With BBO Directors
Our opp had Kx AKJxx, xxx, AKx 1H P 2H P P! 2S P P 3H P P 3S X all O Pard had a 3-4-3-3 4 count so 2H the limit and we make 2S. I asked the BBO director just to look at the hand. The director said ...
How to get to 6!D
Not sure it helps you this hand, but why 3? Pard doesn't have to be told to bid 3NT with a spade stopper over 3
ACBL Virtual Club restrictions
All the games I have played are 18 boards? Why not regular length club games?
ATB (six players to blame)
The most obvious mistake is South's. With a minimum hand that does not plan on sitting for a dbl, he should show it immediately by bidding over 1.
What hand type has responder shown with the 4!D bid?
Would think 3 should be a heart raise slam try like over 1NT.
Decision time in 6!d
There is no way W has Qxx or Qxxx.
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