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Alan Frank
Alan Frank
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Aug. 27, 2011
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about me

Depending on where one puts the line between expert and intermediate, I'm on one side or the other.  I've played twice on the last day of an NABC+ event.  With two kids and a full-time job developing software, I don't get to play as much as I'd like.  I'm interested in theory, laws, & tournament organization; I've been involved in rulemaking for chess and Scrabble in the past.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Criss-cross overtaking trump squeeze
Bridge Accomplishments
Overalls in Fall '09 NABC+ Swiss, 7th in '14 Fall 10K Swiss
Regular Bridge Partners
Stephanie Hamilton, Eric Schwartz
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Bronze Life Master
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Another question on a director call
Let's simplify to declarer holding A AK AQJ. Declarer knows that the K is out. If he also knows that the spades are gone, he'll give up the club early. On the other hand, if he believes that there are still several spades out, he should cash all ...
Alan Frank's bidding problem: AQJ7 K87 964 AT5
Overcaller. Corrected.
What should this bid mean?
@Dale, I don't see any reason to think OP doesn't know when it applies.
When Computers Deal Like We Used To
Is there some way East can signal as to whether he wants a ruff? With a stronger dummy, one might signal encouragement in an impossible suit, but that's not an option here. If West cashes the K, then switches to a heart, he's got to have a singleton ...
With a Plan
I think East's *plan* was to support hearts, but when the option was to do so at the five level, he changed horses.
Is playing the same boards in a pairs event important?
@Georgiana--sounds reasonable, but they should at least score it properly.
ATB - Slam at IMPs
Give him the 8 and a trump lead, and slam has good chances on a squeeze. And perhaps that hand wouldn't accept a slam invite.
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: AK AKT95 Q T9864
I don't see much point in 3. Partner will think QJx is an excellent holding (as if you held KTxx), when it is garbage. I would either bid the game or make a generic game try (presumably 3).
A Fun One
It looks like it would be difficult to bid RKCB and if it turns out--despite Scott's conjecture--that partner holds the A, you may get too high. It does seem awfully likely that partner holds at least one club honor. I think that an immediate 6 will get him ...
Road to the GNT Final Four, Semifinal Q2
Double would also lead to 4. And you don't necessarily even need the 10--just swap the 10 and 6.

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