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Adam Parrish
Adam Parrish
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Jan. 27, 2011
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Oct. 16
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about me

Bridge player/teacher/writer and Bridge Winners admin. When not playing bridge I'm writing plays. Or more accurately procrastinating, telling myself I should be working on a play. I live in New York City and am on the board of GNYBA (Unit 155) and serve as New York's Youth Bridge Coordinator.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Watching partner play 5C with an 8-4 trump split.
Bridge Accomplishments
A few top 10s, including 4th in Wernher Pairs with a frisky 14-year-old.
Regular Bridge Partners
No one who plays bridge can be considered "regular."
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
Exclusion (see above)
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Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Control-Showing Responses to Strong 2!c Openings: General Thoughts?
I usually play 2 as an immediate negative (which only works if also using the Parrish convention!). But otherwise I bid 2 unless I can foresee the auction's being easier if I do something else. Which is rare.
Jim Munday's bidding problem: Kxx QT9x x Qxxxx
If partner doesn't have the diamonds to double 3, I think they're making, so I'm bidding on. I think partner is most likely thinking of doubling, so if anything the BIT suggests passing, making bidding on the ethical choice. However, since the BIT in this situation ...
Control-Showing Responses to Strong 2!c Openings: General Thoughts?
Opener has a plan when he opens 2; I don't like to get in the way of that plan. We can sort out strength later.
Splinter or natural?
As long as partner is allowed to open suits like Axx, xxxx, Jxxxx etc, I need to be able to splinter in his suit.
The Kids Table: There is Such a Thing as Bad Publicity
What a shame. They seemed like nice folks, and I had high hopes. Fortunately, Aces and Knaves is fantastic.
I'd imagine that going from the juniors, where you're having fun, making friends, and playing against people your own age, to open bridge, where it's mostly old farts, is a rather jarring transition. And open bridge is a lot less fun. That's why so many younger ...
USA juniors victorious in Croatia
Well done!
Congratulations to Adam and Zach!
Not bad, boys.
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
I would certainly do more than just check the result at the other table. I'm just saying that's a data point that suggests 6 is a possible final contract. I would certainly do a lot more than, "NO harm, no foul."
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
I see two issues: adjusting the score and/or assigning a procedural penalty for taking advantage of the UI. If you bid 2 with this hand, surely you have some plan for a followup to set spades in a forcing way and explore a possible slam. There's no ...

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