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We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge

In fact, I don't even know whetherthe percentage of young bridge players now compared to that of 40 years ago is lower. (How many college students in our generation belonged to the ACBL?) But I'm willing to believe that the percentage is lower. I doubt that ACBL or any bridge organizationhas ever asked a sample of people under age 25 do they play bridge, and if not, why not. Thus, we can only speculate and some of the reasons are discussed in another thread. But here are some more thoughts:

--Bridge generally requires at least 4 players. Chess, Scrabble, most board games and video games require fewer.

--Maybe if bridge were played for money, like poker, it would stir up more interest among young people.

--Do we know whether the percentage of people under 25 playing card games like Hearts or Pinochle has declined?

--Many people on BW learned bridge through their parents or through school. Do we know whether the age cohort of people (say between 45 and 55) who are the parents of potential players play bridge at home to the extent that their parents did? Assuming the answer is 'no,' what is the reason?

--If the majority of young players eventually focus on party bridge or club games is that so bad? Most players in our generation focused on one or both of those. Young people interested in playing many systems or who want a more challenging experience can play high-level tournaments.

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