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Bachelor´s thesis involving bridge and youth

Hello! I am a bridge-enthusiastic student from Estonia. Having now reached my third year of bachelor's studies in University of Tartu (faculty of Economics), I am very keen on the idea of writing my bachelor's thesis about promoting (marketing) bridge among students.

This is not an easy topic by any means, as there certainly is not much scientific literature in this field (note that I am tackling this thesis from a marketing point of view, not an educational one), as well as there are some other problems. Thusly, it is not 100% confirmed yet that promoting bridge will be the subject of my thesis.

However, I am feeling confident that this is a manageable task and if I can convince my mentor into believing this as well, then there is a good chance of the idea coming into life.

That being said, this is where You could play a part in this fairytale-like story of making a young man's dream of writing a bachelor's thesis with an actual practical purpose come true.

If you know any scientific literature that has been written about promoting (marketing) bridge (or any other similar mental sport for that matter), perhaps own statistics in this field or know a practicioner with huge experience, please tell me about them! Maybe You don't know any but your friend does - please share my concerns with them.

Also, I am very interested in all of your brilliant ideas on how this work should be conducted in general. Feel free to contact me via facebook or email ( so I could share you my current vision of this project and hear what good ideas You have. I am very grateful for any information you can provide me with.

Looking forward to your replies and wishing you all the very best


PS! Greetings from rainy Estonia!

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