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USBF juniors partners for Las Vegas

I have had several juniors in the USBF training program ask me if I knew anyone looking for a partner for a specific event in Las Vegas. I also have a very good pair looking for junior teammates for the under 6k team game. I understand why you may be reluctant to just hang it out there and say, "Hey, I am available." While promising no results, I do know a lot of people so I am offering my services as a partnership clearing house for juniors in the USBF junior program (including recent "graduates".)  If you would like to email me with what you are looking for (sorry, I believe both Meckstroth and Rodwell are booked), I will try to keep a list and let you know if I know of someone similarly situated. Sometimes, these partnerships come together at the last moment. Feel free to approach me in Las Vegas. 

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