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Taos regional: low- or mid-bracket teammates

Partner (life and bridge) and I are seeking teammates for Thursday, Friday, and possibly Saturday team events (which, sadly, are bracketed RRs) in Taos. We total about 1500 masterpoints, of which almost all are mine. Details:

My partner is a newer player who has been playing several times a weeks for a couple months, ince a job change a recent job change allowed it, but had studied the game (using audio lectures I recorded for her, and playing on BBO) for a couple of years; she has just 40 or 50 points but is very careful and skilled for her experience level. This weekend her team placed third of 21 teams in a 499er sectional Swiss, and she and I place in open pair events more often than not. She is inexperienced, though, and mistakes will be made; sorry 'bout that.

I am a fairly solid flight A player.

We are, in my completely biased opinion (Laughing), great teammates — we are friendly and fun and always keep in perspective that the game is a game. If that, and our overall level, sound like a match, please let me know.

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