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Looking for expert partners and team-mates to play in Toronto - specifically LM pairs and Spingold

I am over from UK to play in the Nationals and also to network with bridge teachers - I teach bridge in schools and to kids 

I was in the England U25 squad some years back - aged 16 onwards.

I last played in the NABCs in Vegas 2014.

I entered the Spingold with a random partner - a good player and team-mates were an established pair.

We drew Team Monaco and lost 100-150 over 64 boards. Fantunes were up to their tricks and the sponsor Zimmerman only declared two hands.


I have plenty of UK master points although I gave up on this charade a long while ago.

I have very few USA points as I rarely play over here.

I am looking for a high quality partner.

I play 2 over 1 with a semi-forcing 1NT

The rest is negotiable.

If playing in the LM pairs I would like to have a practice session beforehand.

Thank you in advance

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