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Help with Short-Short analysis.

I am reading Short-Short chapter in Jeff Ruben's book, Expert Bridge Simplified.  I am puzzled by the example on page 234 (First Edition, 2009). The hand is to make 7NT(match points) with AJxxx, AK, T9, Jxxx (dummy) opposite Q, Q8xxx,AKQJ,AKQ on a lead of Club ten.  Ruben argued that finding long hearts and Spade King in the same hand has a 28% chance using his short-cut technique for One-even short-short (refer the last paragrapgh on page 233).

I am scratching my head to fit spades (7 remainders, including Spade King) and hearts (6 remainders) into One-even category of short-short.  Rubens has a rather incomplete description (middle of page 233) of how to analyze hands where one honor card is important in the remainders (Spade King in this case).  

Any insight by cognoscenti will be greatly appreciated.




Atul Rai,

Wichita, Kansas.

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