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[Female] partner needed for SF Nationals Mixed Teams or [M/F] Keohane NA Swiss

I'm in need of a partner for the San Francisco Nationals, including one of the two events listed in the title.

Who am I? 2019 GNT B winner; 60.5 Power Rating; great manner at the table, good partner. I've won 640 points (all 'real', none BBO) as of Sept. 20, none of that with paid partners (in fact, I teach, and much of my points have come from playing with students).

I can play 2/1 (weak or strong NT) or Precision.

I would like to make sure we have enough time to practice online (BBO: SelfGovern) to be competitive.

Oh, if you've read this far, I don't have a committed pair for the other half of the team yet ... let me know if you are a pair needing a pair.

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