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Slow or Fast Arrival in these Strong Club auctions?

In order to ask my question, I have to impose the following conditions:  You're playing a more or less "classic" Precision approach:  1/1/2/2 responses to 1 are natural, 5+suit and GF.  You don't play support asking bids by opener, so any time opener gets a positive response and then shows his own suit, the partnership is reverting to natural bidding.  Let's say you have an auction like this:



Is it better to play that the 3 call as showing extras (Fast Arrival)?  Or should it be nothing especially exciting to show, especially nothing great in trumps (Slow Arrival)?


In a similar vein, had this one today:



Same question applies here.


Being the bizarre mix of Luddite and high-tech guy that I am, temporarlly pard and I have agreed to play Slow Arrival in these auctions, which would mean jumps to game in opener's suit would show good trumps and suggest that it is safe to look further even though we've already reached game/4minor.  I could be persuaded that it's right/better to play it the other way around though.

Thoughts appreciated.

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