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Rule Question -- Remembering the contract

I don't know where people got this idea, but I have longtime players that I play with who like to take the cards in the bidding box, and turn the bid (and all previous cards to that bid, of course) 45 degrees to help them remember what the bid is.  The argument was, "Well, I go and write the contract down on my scoresheet before we play the hand, and I can just check what the contract is on that, so what's the difference?"  Mind you, they are not directors.  We are talking about people who still believe that everybody is responsible for dummy having the right amount of cards and whatnot.

Of course they could always ask the opponents to remind them of the contract, but that aside.  My belief is that this would fall under 16 (UI), similar to how you aren't allowed to look at your convention card to help you remember what your conventions are.

What's your ruling here?

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