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New suit rebid by opener

Very basic bidding question that seems to be one of the banes of Standard American bidding.

Bidding goes 1-1-2.

The only clue about breaking down partner's point count is that partner did NOT jump shift, so it's not a max hand (19-21).  Opener is also showing an unbalanced hand (likely 5-4).  Responder has 4+ and 6+ points.

But how is it handled from there? 

Is responder forced to rebid with certain hands but not others?

What do various rebids mean for point count and support:

1.) Responder passes.

2.) Responder corrects to 2H.

3.) Responder raises to 3D.

4.) Responder goes to 2NT.

Obviously there are other bids, but I wanted to concentrate on these.

Thanks in advance.

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