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Meckwell Lite continuations

After opening an unbalanced strong hand 1 and hearing a 1 response (0-7 HCP), opener is supposed to bid a 4-card major before a longer minor, and responses to that major are coded.

Specifically, responder's rebid of 2/2 shows 5-7 HCP and denies/shows 3-card support for opener's major.

With a GF opposite 5-7, how does opener show his minor in a GF way, and more importantly, how does he show which of his two suits is longer?

E.g., 1-1; 1-2; 3m is 4-card? 5? 6?

What about 2N? Opener has shown an unbalanced hand, so this could be used e.g. to show 5 and a shorter minor, with the direct minor bid showing a longer minor?

I want to be able to show 6-4, 6-5, 5-4, 5-5, 4-5, and 4-6 shapes while forcing to game, preferably most of these below 3N.

Minimizing additional artificiality would be a bonus.

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