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Help with Law 25, please

I am a club level director and thought I had law 25 clear in my mind.  If the player never intended to make the call then it can be changed provided their partner has not made a subsequent call.   If they did intend to make the bid and realised that it was the wrong bid, they cannot change it. 

However, the senior director at our club was playing in a major congress.  He had a clear opening bid according to his system (5CM SNT) but wrote pass (/) on the bidding slip.  Even though there was no doubt that pass was clearly illogical on his hand, the call had to stand.  The director ruled that passing was not a mechanical error, but was a lapse in concentration.

We subsequently received a flyer from a senior Australian director.  I don't have it with me so I can't give an exact quote, but the gist was that it is now much harder to get an unintended call changed under the new laws because the only acceptable reason is mechanical error.  Reading between the lines, it seems that the only acceptable mechanical error is pulling the wrong bid from a bidding box.  This suggests that it is impossible to have a call changed when using written bidding.  Most small regional clubs in Australia use written bidding and some regional congresses use written bidding.

Before this happened, I would happily have allowed someone who made a bid which was clearly impossible in their system to change it.  There would be no UI issues, because the only thing their partner knows is that their hand doesn't match what the cancelled bid showed.   On the other hand, I would not have allowed a bid which suggested they forgot the system, e.g. (1) - 3 where they have a WJO in clubs, forgetting that it shows diamonds and spades until pard alerts it.  Here there is clear UI and that was my "If in doubt" criterion.  If there is UI then the bid probably cannot be changed.

So, how does law 25 impact written bidding?  Is anything written always a lapse in concentration?  Advice would be appreciated.





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